Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Readers MARTIN’S Deals

I have been crazy (even more so than usual) these last two months so I am very thankful for readers who share tips with me.  In all honesty that is what I want this blog to be - a community where we share tips and deals we find so that we can help each other save some money. 

Free Batteries:

Erin L. sent me this picture and note to share an awesome battery deal she found at MARTIN’S.


“I found a few packages of these batteries at my Martins yesterday. They were on sale for $6.99 - I used two $2 Energizer coupons (there might be other mainstream ones) that were in the free booklets that were available at the store this fall, making my total $9.98 before tax. Best part was that the peelies had a code that when you entered two of them in a form on Energizer's facebook page you get a $10 Discover gas card. (although the fine print on facebook says you may use it anywhere Discover is accepted). Not every package had the peelies. It was super easy to submit online. It also said limit one card per household.”

I looked in the coupon database and found the $2 coupon that Erin mentioned – it was in the Fall into Savings Booklet.  If you didn’t find that booklet there are $1/1 coupons in the 11/20 SmartSource and $0.50/1 or $0.75/1 coupons in the 12/11 SmartSource insert. 

Erin is correct that you don’t have to use the Discover card just for gas, you can use it as a prepaid card anywhere that Discover is accepted.  I received one thanks to the Kellogg’s rebate and I used it towards a $10 purchase at Bath & Body Works. 

Dollar Doublers:

We have not received dollar doublers in Richmond in over a year, but in some areas they received them this week.  Reader Kristen (in Rising Sun, MD) sent me a note to let me know she had a few scenarios posted on her blog with some free and really inexpensive items thanks to the dollar doubler coupons. 

fuelperks! Bonus Coupon:

I read somewhere that areas that have the fuel discounts usually get a bonus fuel discount coupon while the areas that are instant savings stores generally get the dollar doublers.

I realized when I saw Kristen’s note that I forgot to mention the bonus $0.30/gallon coupon when you spend $50 in one transaction.  It was on the front of the weekly MARTIN’S ad that was in the Sunday paper – this coupon did not appear in the sales ad that is available in the store.  If you have a $100 transaction and multiple coupons break-up your transaction into two transactions and you can get $0.60/gallon.  (That is a $12 fuel savings!)

***Don’t forget to check the fine print of the fuel program.  In Richmond, VA our program is a little different that other areas.  There are exclusions (in all areas) of items that can not count towards fuel discounts.  Gift cards, tobacco, alcohol, and milk are some of these items.  Here is a link to the Richmond fuel program details if you would like more specifics. 


Thanks again to Erin & Kristen for sending me the tips.  I hope that everyone finishes their holiday shopping painlessly and that you have a great holiday.

Merry Christmas!


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