Monday, April 16, 2012

MARTIN’S fuelperks! $0.50/gallon bonus in Richmond–offer ends 4/16


Did you see this coupon/sticker on the front page of the Times Dispatch yesterday.  Did you perhaps look at it and say, well that is a good deal, but how can I maximize my savings?  Remember in Richmond with a 20 gallon maximum the additional $0.50/gallon is $10 worth of gas. 

I like to combine these bonus deals with the current fuelperks! deals.  It is a double dip and I walked out of the store with enough fuelperks! (because of my previous balance) to almost get two complete 20 gallon fill-ups (and yes that is with gas at ~$4/gallon).


This is what I bought last night from the Westpark location.  I did not clear the shelf, there were lots left.  The actual tissue aisle was empty, but the aisle where they feature the fuelperks! deals for the week was completely stocked. 



Yes – I bought a grand total of 42 boxes of Puffs tissues.  That put me over the $50 mark to redeem the bonus coupon.   I paid $55.13 (after tax), but I earned $3.30 in fuelperks! - that is $66 worth of gas just in this one transaction.  I see this as a $10.87 moneymaker!

Ok, I know I still have skeptics who think I have gone into crazy lady mode buying 42 boxes of tissues, but I have 3 kids and a box of tissues may last a a few days at our house.  If you are like us you have several boxes of tissues throughout the house. 

Yes, I spent $55 and change for tissues.  But, it is something that my family will need and use and it also earned me free gas, another thing we will need and use.  I have a storage area I can keep the extra tissues.  We aren’t going to be creatively hiding them under the beds or other places.  It will also be great to just go shop from my stockpile in the fall when we need to send tissues to school.  Not to mention I can and probably will donate some of these to either a homeless shelter that our church is working with or to my girls’ schools. 

Do you have other plans or ideas for hitting the $50 mark and getting your additional $0.50/gallon fuelperks! bonus?  Please feel free to share if it won’t work out this week maybe we can use it the next time we get a $0.50/gallon bonus coupon.

Happy Shopping!


Julie said...

That's awesome! I'm upset because my paper didn't have the coupon. My mom who lives next door got it but I didn't. So I guess someone stole it. I called my local Martin's and they said without the coupon I can't get it. Really disappointed!

Ann said...

Julie - I have an extra one from buying my extra papers. If you are near the West End of Richmond just hit reply with a way for me to contact you and I will get in touch with you if you want to meet me at work tonight to pick-it up. (I have to publish all comments, so it won't get posted publicly).

Ann said...
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Broken Circle in Flight said...

The papers down here didn't have the coupon, but Martins carries Richmond Times. but they didn't have any leftover Sunday papers :(
But I still bought 12 boxes of tissues and managed to make $1 on the deal with $.80 off my gas. We pull both cars up to the pump to get the full 20 gallons. our pump shut off at 16 gallons for some reason, so we got the fuelperks difference (like $3.50) in cash from the attendant. I wasn't going to let that go!

Then on the way home I got $.10 toothpaste from CVS and $2 extra bucks back.

Ann said...

Way to go Gerhard! The first MARTIN's gas pumps open in Richmond tomorrow (Wednesday). I am curious to see how the pricing is since it is at the store that is across from Costco. Great job at CVS too. :)

Debbielynne said...

I did the Puffs tissue deal as well.