Friday, May 11, 2012

My Shopping Trip–5/11/12

I have not had a big personal shopping trip in a long time.  The deals I have been getting have been a fuelperks! deals here and there and perishable items that we need.  We have had a busy year, and we have been eating down my stockpile and eating out more than I would like to admit.

This afternoon after I picked up Natalie from school I took all three kids to MARTIN’S.  We started off our almost two hour visit by hitting the café and bathrooms.  (Those stops alone took up 45 minutes.)  After making sure that there wouldn’t be anyone asking to go to the bathroom when we had a cartful of groceries and on the other side of the store, or any cries for a snack because they were so hungry we got started on our shopping list.  Megan and Michael had a blast driving the “car shopping cart” and Natalie was the official list holder and proudly walked around telling me what to get and how many of each item.

So, here is a picture of my haul and a breakdown of the deals, prices are after sales & coupons:


  • (8) Sugar Free Snack Packs = $8 (earned $0.20/gallon in fuelperks!)
  • (2) Arm & Hammer Crystal Packs = $4.25
  • (2) Push Pops = $1.30 (not pictured, but a reward for the girls being helpers in the store)
  • (2) Mission Tortillas = $3
  • (1) GIANT Brand Shredded Cheese = Free with purchase of 2 Mission Tortillas
  • (2) GIANT Zip top Bags & (2) GIANT Brand String Cheese = $5.58 (Part of the Buy $8 of our brand items and get $3 off instantly)
  • Disney Princess Tiana Barbie Doll = $4.35 (An Angel Tree or Toys for Tots gift for Christmas 2012)
  • (2) Dole Butter Bliss Salad Blends = $1.90 (each bag had a $1 off store sticker and then there were $0.55/1 blinkies in the produce section)
  • (9) Shadybrook Farm Ground Turkey (1.3lb) = $35.91 (earned $1.20/gallon in fuelperks!)
  • (2) Value Packages (~3lbs each) of 90% Lean Ground Beef = $11.64  (The packages had been $12.05 and $12.13 each before the markdown!)
  • (2) Edy Fruit Bars = $3.50
  • (2) Nestle Drumstick Cones = $3.50
  • (4) Coffee-Mate Creamers (16oz)  = $5.06 (I earned a $4 Catalina at checkout)
  • Rotisserie Chicken = $4.01 (Manager’s Special, Usually $5.99)

Shelf Price (Before sales, coupons, or tax) = $158.62

Final Total (After sales, coupons, before tax) = $87

Total Savings = $71.62 (55%)

Total fuelperks! earned from this shopping trip= $1.50* = $30 in free gas!

*($1.40 from purchasing select items and $0.10 from hitting $100 in store purchases)

So, not a bad haul.  I may not have had a huge savings percentage, but when you take into account that I had a little over $50 in just meat, plus a $4 gift we did pretty well.  Now, I get to make oodles of turkey taco meat, turkey chili, and meatballs with the ground beef and turkey to stock my freezer for nights that I don’t have time to or just don’t want to cook.

Did you find any great deals this week?  Do you have any recipes for ground turkey that I can make ahead and stick in the freezer?  Please feel free to share.  :)



SuzyQpon said...

I have made meatloaf mixing turkey and ground beef together (plain turkey seems too bland for meatloaf). I generally add in 1 egg, enough bread crumbs to hold it together, a little ketchup and a packet of Sauer's meatloaf spice mix (Martin's frequently tapes $0.55 coupons to the Sauer's spice packs making them free when they are on sale for $1). You can wrap them up with plastic wrap and then put in freezer bags to freeze (pre-cooked). Take 1 out and let thaw in fridge for the day - cook that night. When I cook them, I either put bread ends in the bottom of a loaf pan (they soak up grease and you can discard them when you remove the meatloaf) or I bake on a rack. Good job shopping - I cannot believe you did so well with 3 children in tow!!!

Ann said...

Thanks for the recipe idea SuzyQpon! I don't think I have ever made meatloaf with ground turkey. I had someone share with me a Hungry Girl recipe for mini meatloafs with ground turkey that had lots of veggies added to keep it moist. I am planning on working on some of my ground turkey freezer meals this weekend, maybe I will get a chance to share a few pictures and recipes. :)