Friday, October 14, 2011

Aetna Healthy Food Fight

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Thanks to a friend I discovered a new blog – SheSpeaks.   They have teamed up with Aetna to throw a Healthy Food Fight – to spread the message of healthy eating and living in America.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a recipe submitted in time to try to win the trip to New York and meet Bobby Flay, but check it out for some great ideas and recipes. If you find one you really like cast your vote and maybe that lucky submitter will get to meet Bobby. :)

If you have been a regular visitor of my blog you may have seen me share recipes or even dabble with menu planning a little here and there.  I have also mentioned a few times about my own journey to try to lose the weight I gained from my last two pregnancies.

In my effort to lose weight and feel healthier I went to cooking more recipes from scratch and really paying attention to what we were eating on a regular basis.  A lot of these things were simple things like buying whole grain pastas and bread (I haven’t found a whole grain recipe I like so I am still buying bread).  I was already loading my freezer with frozen veggies and I made sure that the ones that we were buying were just plain veggies and not smothered in a sauce.  I also started to try some new things, like quinoa and barley.  I liked them, but have not completely converted everyone in my family over to these new items. 

I have already found some great ideas with some of the submitted recipes at the Healthy Food Fight and can’t wait to try some.  Take a minute and check out Healthy Food Fight for some ideas of quick and healthy meals that you can fix for your family. 


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