Monday, January 2, 2012

Chicken Breast for $1.49/lb through 1/3/12 at Tom Leonard’s


I was out running some errands on the West End of Richmond this weekend and saw this sign outside of Tom Leonard’s advertising boneless skinless chicken breast (value packs) for $1.49/lb.  The lowest price I can usually snag them for at MARTIN’S is $1.99/lb.  I wasn’t able to pick them up when I saw the sign, but I am planning on buying several packages.  I will end up making a few freezer meals (like I did here) in addition to just freezing them in portion sizes for future meals.

Happy Shopping!


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Candace said...

Some other great Tom Leonard's deals this week are $.99/lb broccoli heads, $.99/head of lettuce, $1.49/lb apples...which is a great deal because it includes honey crisps which are normally $2.99/lb. The chicken is a great deal. I've already been twice this past week for the chicken....because we ate the first package up!! Their sales do run Tuesday to Tuesday, like Food lion.