Sunday, August 30, 2009

My shopping motto

I have a motto when I go shopping for almost anything - "Why pay more than you have to?" I feel this way about clothes, toiletries, and groceries. I do however have a problem adhering to this philosophy when it comes to prescriptions. (I am not going to go into that right now, maybe later.)

I try to remain loyal to Ukrop's for my grocery shopping. I will debate anyone who says Ukrop's is too expensive. Yes, Ukrop's does have high prices on their prepared foods, kitchen items, and bakery items. These are convenience foods - you are paying for the convenience and the fact that you know it is going to be good because it is from Ukrop's. The salad bar isn't cheap either, but it is always fresh. It is nice to be able to just get a little bit of a recipe ingredient or to not have to cut up all of the veggies for a small salad. I don't think anyone can say that there is one store that always has the lowest prices on everything. (Not even WalMart.) You have to be aware of how much the items you buy on a regular basis cost. When the item goes on sale at a really good price stock-up and if you have coupons for it even better. This is when I have to abandon Ukrop's and shop at another grocery store. I feel so bad about "cheating on Ukrop's" I don't even like to say the name of the other store. I just call it "the K grocery store". I do my shopping there when they are having promotions like the Mega Sale. They give you a lower price for buying usually 10 items out of a list of participating items. I see these items as loss leaders for the store. I generally go in and only buy those items on sale. I have justified it in my mind by thinking that I am actually hurting them and in exchange hopefully helping Ukrop's. (I don't know if this is really true, but that is how I sleep at night. :)) When it comes to my everyday needs or my perishables I try to stick to Ukrop's. The girls are friends with almost all of the employees at my store and they get a rainbow cookie, what more could you ask for?

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