Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

We were fortunate enough to celebrate our 8th anniversary this past week. Here is a "Reader's Digest Version" of how we spent the day:
  • Steve went out with the girls and came back with breakfast from McDonald's. He also came home with a dozen red roses and a card. :)
  • I took a 2 hour nap.
  • We rearranged furniture and Steve cleaned the hardwood floor in the family room.
  • I was able to get a few small things taken care of around the house during nap time.
  • We arranged for a sitter (at the last minute) so that we could go out to dinner.
  • We went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. (We didn't want to get dressed up and spend 2 hours at a "fancy restaurant", and I had a b1g1 free coupon.)
  • After dinner we went to Lowe's and bought rugs for a few different areas in the house.
  • We stopped at Ukrop's on our way home to pick-up a few things.
  • We came home and with the help of the sitter put the rugs in the rooms where we wanted them.

If someone had told me before we were married that that was how we would spend our anniversary I wouldn't have believed them. The truth is that Steve and I having a day off together without other plans is a luxury. I felt like we were able to remember how nice it is to work together on a project and be productive. I told him at the end of the day that although I have enjoyed our "romantic" anniversaries in the past that it was nice to have his help with some of the things I had been trying to do around the house. If we had gone somewhere for the day those things would have still been waiting for me when we got back and having more things checked off my to-do list is a great gift.

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