Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Great Deal on Kellogg's Items at MARTIN'S this week!

I need to thank readers Nikki and sdavis for helping me discover this deal.  Nikki gave me this tip on Monday:

"I found a great deal on the Buy 5 get 5 off deal. I bought 2 bxs of Eggos, 2 bxs of 12ct Poptarts and 1 box of Kelloggs fruit snacks for 4.48 after q's. But I figured I could do great with getting 5 of the cheapest items next time which are the Eggos. Buy 5 and use the $1/2 q's that are out and you end up paying 0.59 for each box of Eggos."

Then sdavis shared this with me Tuesday and Wednesday:

"I read on a PA blog that Giant stores are running a catalina promotion - $10 oyno when you buy any 10 Kelloggs, Keebler, Sunshine, Eggo, and/or Morning Star. If you overlap this with the buy any 5 get $5 off instantly it makes for a GREAT deal (especially if you have coupons). I have NOT tried this yet, but I thought folks would be interested to know. As long as the instant $5 comes off twice, you can count on a $2 discount per item."
"I was able to do the save $5 instantly promotion twice and get the $10 oyno CAT this morning. The PA blogger is if you want to check it out. She has some of the coupon match-ups for the promotion items"
Thanks to both of you for sharing an awesome deal and to sdavis for sharing another blog that may help those of us still learning MARTIN'S.  I did take a quick glance at the blog sdavis mentioned and it looks like they have some great scenarios for the deal.  Just click on the grocery store tab and go to GIANT Food Stores to find the deals that should work at MARTIN'S. 

I do want to mention that the site is from a Pennsylvania blogger and some of her coupon sources and values may differ from ours in the Richmond, VA area.  It also looks like they may have some different policies about coupons.  MARTIN'S will only double one like coupon, per customer, per day and they will only truly double coupons up to $0.50.  (Coupons that are less than $1 and more than $0.50 will "double" up to $1.)

Thanks again to Nikki and sdavis for sharing their find with the rest of us and thanks to momsneedtoknow for the great match-ups!

Happy Shopping!

PS - I am almost finished with my weekly match-ups.  I have another 2+ hour doctor appointment this afternoon, but hope to finish my post when I get home.


Judi B said...

I was just coming to tell you about this. See you tonight!?

Ann said...

I just came back from my MD appointment and ran by Martin's on my way home to try out the deal. It worked great! I had 5 coupons for the Eggo's $1/2 and for the Keebler Sandwich Crackers $1/2. I did them each in a seperate transaction and paid ~$5 out-of-pocket for each transaction and earned a $10 catalina at the end of each transaction. I love being paid to buy groceries!!!!!

Lissa said...

I tried it this afternoon, also~ I did 3 transactions in a row and got the $10 cat each time. My store was almost cleared out of Eggo's, but they still had plenty of the Keebler sandwich crackers, Nutri-grain bars, Pop-Tarts, and Cinnabon bars. That was fun! :O)

Nikki said...

I just tried this at Martin's in Colonial Heights and it didn't work... But i wonder if its because I used their bonuscard because I left mine at home....