Saturday, August 21, 2010

My first night alone with Michael

I had to share a story about the night I had Wednesday night.  Steve and the girls went to church and I stayed home alone with Michael.  I really didn’t expect any big issues, if it was my first baby I would have been freaked out about being alone with an 8 day old baby, but with Michael being my third baby I am thankful for a few moments alone with him. 

**I am going to warn you before you continue reading this that I am going to be discussing a topic that many moms are familiar with – nursing my baby.  If you are not comfortable with this topic just skip the rest of this post.**

It was time for me to nurse Michael, which we are doing really well with.  I successfully nursed Natalie for 8 months and Megan for a year.  (You will probably laugh when you realize that part of the reason why I continued to nurse them past the minimal recommendation of 6 months was because formula is expensive and breast milk, besides being good for them, is free!)  I picked Michael up and noticed that his diaper was wet.  No big deal, I changed his diaper.  I got him positioned and was trying to get him to latch on when I felt something warm.  He had peed again and somehow it came out the side of his diaper – all over his little shirt, the nursing pillow, and me.  I was evaluating the situation and starting to take off his wet shirt when I felt something wet on the front of my shirt.  I looked and realized I was leaking on the side that I was about to nurse from.  I grabbed a nursing pad and got that taken care of.  I stripped Michael down, put a dry blanket over the wet area of the nursing pillow and we were able to get the feeding accomplished.  I went to burp Michael after I finished feeding him and he spit up a little bit – on my shoulder and it was on his face.  I cleaned the little guy up – again.  I finally got him into a clean shirt (his fourth outfit for the day) and cleaned up everything from before the feeding.  I had to laugh, it really didn’t bother me.  I found it rather comical.  I thought to myself if this had been Natalie (my first baby) I would have panicked and probably called Steve and cried on the phone to him.  I looked at this as just another day and was thankful that it was just the two of us and not the craziness of having my two “helpers” involved.

The story continues.  Right before Steve and the girls came home I thought I had things under control when I heard Michael have another blow-out.  I went to change him again and realized that he had also peed again and this time got the front of his shirt wet.  He was now on his fifth outfit for the day.  I started a load of laundry for him.  (I just did all of the laundry yesterday.) He wet the other three outfits he had on earlier today along with the sheet in his crib this morning and his play mat this afternoon. He got that wet during a diaper change, and thankfully I escaped that “shower”. 

The poor little guy didn’t last long in the fifth outfit either.  Steve picked him up shortly after they arrived home because he was a little fussy and the girls wanted to tell me about what happened at church when Steve told me that he was wet again and that the bassinet sheet was soaked.  They sheet got added to the laundry and Michael ended up in his sixth outfit for the night which thankfully he managed to stay in until the next morning.

I am sure I will have more stories and that life will get even crazier for me in the coming days, but I do want to end with another cute picture of three of the reasons why my life is crazy – in a good way. 


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Anonymous said...

You have probably figured this out already since its been a while since you wrote this post...but I too had a son after 2 girls. When my son was a newborn, for the first couple of weeks I did not know to pay attention to the position of his penis when I closed his diaper. I never had to worry about that with his sisters. Consequently, he peed up or out the side of his diapers a lot. When I started making sure his penis was pointing down before I closed his diaper the pee leaks became much less frequent...