Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MARTIN’S Store Coupons



I was in MARTIN’S yesterday checking out some prices on a few items that were on sale this week and picking up some free items.  While I was there I saw these coupons sitting next to the customer service desk that are valid through 12/31/10.


The fine print says: “The item must be valued at $1 or more (Minimum spend must be met after all discounts have been subtracted from order.)  See Customer Service for complete list of exclusions.  Not to be doubled or tripled.  Limit one coupon per customer.”

I was able to use two coupons for two boxes of GIANT frozen waffles in two separate transactions.  (They ended up being $0.79 each after the coupon.)  I also picked up a CareOne kids Snoopy toothbrush for $0.13 after the coupon.   

Let me know if you find these coupons in a different location in your store, and any great deals that you find with the coupons. 

Happy Shopping!


**Update – I ran to MARTIN’S real quick after I initially wrote this post.  I found CareOne Ibuprofen 24 count on sale for $1 (free after the coupon), and GIANT Quick Oats on sale for $1.19 ($0.19 after the coupon).  I had both of my girls with me so I didn’t get a chance to check out how long they are on sale. 


Rebekah {honeyandcheese} said...

Would you mind sharing which store you found these at? I shop at the Richmond stores, and I was thinking I read somewhere that's where you're located.

Thanks for posting match-ups each week!


Ann said...

Rebekah - Yes, I am in Richmond. I found them at the Westpark store. I looked for more earlier this week when I was in there and they were all gone. I hope you find some.

I am glad you like the match-ups I hope they are helpful for you.