Friday, December 31, 2010


eBCoffersI need to thank reader Their Mommy His Wife for reminding me about using the eBONUSCARD offers at MARTIN’S.  In reading her comment and then looking at what was available when I logged into my MARTIN’S account we had different coupons available.  I don’t know if this is because we are in different areas, or if the coupons are specific to your buying trends.  (If you signed up for the weekly e-mails you may have noticed that they always give you suggestions of items on sale that you may want to purchase based on your previous purchases with your bonuscard.)

To access the eBONUSCARD offers you have to register you MARTIN’S card and set-up your MARTIN’S account.  I talked about how to register your card  and sign-up for MARTIN’S e-mails in this post.  Once you are signed up you need to click on the “click here for your personalized page”. 

It will bring up three different boxes (at least mine did).  One of the boxes is to an option to view eBONUSCARD Offers. 

All you have to do is follow the directions at the top of the page once you click on the “View Offers” button.  I had the option on mine for $1.50 off any 8-10 oz. Cracker Barrel Deluxe Cheese item (which was only $2 not $2.50 like the ad stated this week) and $0.75 off GIANT Frozen vegetables which worked with the GIANT Steam Ready vegetables on sale.  You don’t have to click anything else to load the coupons to your card – it automatically adds them when you click on the “Add to BONUSCARD” button. 

The eBONUSCARD offers do have an expiration date and it says that it is a limit of 1 per BONUSCARD household.  I have not tested it out myself so I am not positive, but I think you may be able to combine manufacturer coupons with these coupons.  Has anyone done this if so please let me and my other readers know.

Happy Shopping!


TJ said...

Just wanted to let you know that I live in Waynesboro, PA and there is no box for eBONUSCARD offers on my account. Unfortunately. Just FYI :)

Ann said...

Thanks for letting us know TJ. I wonder if other people outside of Waynesboro also had that issue?