Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MARTIN’S Deals for the week of December 26



I didn’t see any deals that jumped out at me this week with MARTIN’S, but I did find free pasta and some more party foods on sale. 

There is a small box on the back of this week’s MARTIN’s ad that says if you buy $8 worth of expressions from Hallmark party goods with your BONUSCARD you get $5 off instantly – that is a great deal.  Stock-up on plates and napkins for birthday parties, baby or bridal showers.  Paper products can really add up when you are having a party.  I don’t think that you get the $5 off for every $8 that you purchase so if you end up with $16 worth of products I would suggest you purchase them in two separate transactions.

Click here to view an on-line version of this week’s ad. Click here for information about MARTIN’S coupon policy.

Check out Money Saving Mom for my MARTIN’S top deals in addition to top deals for other grocery stores, drug stores, and discount stores from other deal seekers.

Here are what I consider to be the top deals this week at MARTIN’S.  Remember what I consider to be a good deal and what you consider to be a good deal may differ.  Please feel free to leave me a comment with any deals that you find.


  • GIANT Fresh Whole Boneless Pork Tenderloin (10-12lb) – $1.89/lb (cut free to your specifications)
  • Ground Beef (80/20) – $1.99/lb
  • GIANT Split Chicken Breast (4-5 lb) – $1/lb
  • USDA Choice Top Round London Broil – $2.99/lb (not a stock-up price, but not a bad price)
  • Fresh Whole Pork Shoulder Roast – $0.99/lb (Great for making barbecue in your crock-pot)
  • GIANT Whole Chicken – $0.99/lb



I have been adding the bag salad deals to most of my weekly post.  I know that lots of people think that bag salad is expensive and a waste of money.  I have to agree that bag salad can be expensive and a convenience only item.  But, there have been weather problems with the farms on the West coast, where most of our lettuce comes from (especially in the winter).  The cost of a head of lettuce is really high right now.  (I think it was $1.79 for a head of iceberg lettuce last week and $1.99/lb for a head of Romaine.)  When you look at the fact that you are getting all edible lettuce (no core), that is already cleaned and chopped – the $2 to $2.50 a bag isn’t such a bad deal.  I also like to look for the bags that have the $1 off sticker on them because they are close to their best by date – that makes it an even better deal.

  • Tote Bag Apples – $0.99/lb
  • Dole Special Blend Salad or Complete Kit – $2
  • GIANT Cherry Berry Grape Tomatoes – $2/pint
  • GIANT White Potatoes (5lb) – $1.99
  • GIANT Onions (3lb) – $1.99
  • Fresh Kiwi – $0.25 each


  • Cracker Barrel Cheese – $2.50
    • (if cheese cubes included) – Use the $1/1 coupon in the 12/5 SmartSource Insert.
    • $1.50 after sale and coupon
  • Heluva Good Dip (12 oz) – $1.50
    • Use the $0.55/1 coupon in the 12/12 SmartSource Insert
    • $0.50 after sale and coupon
  • GIANT Cream Cheese (8oz) – $1
  • GIANT Shredded Cheese – $1.67
  • GIANT Ricotta or Mozzarella Cheese – $1.50


  • Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Sunkist, A&W Root Beer, or 7-Up (12 pk) – $2
  • Select San Giorgio Pasta – $1
    • Use this $0.50/1 coupon OR
    • Buy 2 boxes of the Quick Cook Pasta and use the $1/2 coupon in the 10/3 SmartSource Insert  (expires 12/31)
    • As low as free after sale and coupon
  • Select Lay’s Potato Chips – 50% Off
  • Select Martin’s Chips – 50% Off
  • GIANT Chili or Cocktail Sauce (12 oz) – $1
  • Bumble Bee Solid White Tuna (5oz) – $1
  • Rienzi Premium Bronze or Whole Wheat Cut Pasta – $1 
  • GIANT Soda (3 Liter) – $1
  • Starkist Chunk Light Tuna (5oz) – $0.75
  • Prego Pasta Sauce (24 oz) – $2
    • Buy 2 and use the $0.75/2 coupon in the 10/3 SmartSource Insert (expires 12/31)
    • $1.50 each after sale and coupon
  • GIANT Italian Bread or 12 –pack Rolls – $1
  • GIANT Instant Oatmeal – $1.67
  • GIANT Gustados Nacho Tortilla Chips – $1.89
  • King Arthur Flour – $2.79 (includes White Wheat, Whole Wheat, and Bread Flour)
    • Use the $0.55/1 coupon in the 11/7 SmartSource Insert
    • $1.79 after sale and coupon
  • GIANT Onion Recipe Soup Mix – $0.69

Frozen Foods:

  • J&J SuperPretzel Soft Pretzels – $2
  • New York Texas Garlic Toast – $2.29
    • Use this $0.50/1 coupon OR
    • Use the $0.40/1 coupon in the 11/14 SmartSource Insert
    • As low as $1.29 after sale and coupon
  • GIANT Steam Ready Vegetables – $1
  • GIANT French Fried Potatoes – $2


  • Bounty Paper Towels (8 Rolls) – $6.49
    • Use the $0.25/1 coupon in the 11/28 P&G Insert (expires 12/31) or the 12/26 P&G Insert
    • $5.99 after sale and coupon
  • Charmin Bath Tissue (12 Big Rolls) – $6.49
    • Use the $0.25/1 coupon in the 11/28 P&G Insert (expires 12/31) or the 12/26 P&G Insert
    • $5.99 after sale and coupon
  • Brawny Pick-A-Size (3 Rolls) – $3.99
    • Use the $1 coupon in the 10/10 RedPlum Insert
    • $2.99 after sale and coupon
  • Puffs Tissues – $1
    • Buy 3 and use the $0.25/3 coupon in the 12/26 P&G Insert
    • $0.83 each after sale and coupon
  • Bounty Quilted Napkins – $2.69
    • Use the $0.25/1 coupon in the 11/28 P&G Insert (expires 12/31) or the 12/26 P&G Insert
    • $2.19 after sale and coupon
  • Smart Living Soft White Light Bulbs – $0.88

Happy Shopping and Happy New Year!



Their Mommy His Wife said...

Happy New Year to you, Ann!

Maybe you have mentioned this before, so forgive me if you have, but I just noticed the other day when I logged on to my Martin's account, there is an option for eCoupons, one for 50 cents off any GIANT block or shredded cheese, another 50 cents off Coke 2 liter product, and a few more that I don't recall at the moment. You select which ones you want and it adds to your rewards card so the next time you purchase that item (these expire 12/31/10) you will get the savings without having to clip a coupon. This may just be for the Martin's in the West Virginia area..
Have a great New Year and thanks for your hard work on keeping us updated on Martin's deals!

Ann said...

Thanks for reminding me! I forgot to mention the eCoupons. I did not have the same ones available to me when I logged in so it may vary by region. I did have one for $1.50 off one block of Cracker Barrel cheese and one for $0.75 off Giant frozen vegetables. I am hoping that will work with the steamfresh on sale this week.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me more about how to access the eCoupons? Thanks for all you do, Ann. Looking forward to reading your blog in 2011!

Ann said...

That is a great question Debbielynne! I am actually going to write a short post about it to make sure everyone sees the answer.

Anonymous said...

I printed a $1/$10 meat purchase at the coupon kiosk to use with my whole pork shoulder that was just over $10. So, I was able to save an extra .10/lb. Thanks, Ann! I've been wanting to make bbq in the crockpot for awhile and may have missed this deal without your post!

Ann said...

What a great deal sdavis! I hope that your barbecue turns out yummy. I picked up a shoulder for us and have it simmering away in my crockpot. I take what we don't eat after 1-2 meals and freeze it in quart sized freezer bags for a quick weekend lunch or busy weeknight dinner.