Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday Target Run

I haven’t had a chance to get to Target for a few weeks.  I had a doctor’s appointment Thursday afternoon and decided to take advantage of being alone and some of the Target Web coupons I had printed a few weeks ago.  (I checked again last night and the majority of the coupons that I used are no longer available.)

One of the reasons that I wanted to go there was because I saw that the ClosetMaid fabric cubes were on sale this week.  We have almost finished moving Natalie and Megan into their new room.  I don’t have a dresser for their bedroom, the room has several built-in bookcases perfect for storing toys and some cabinets underneath.  I used the cubes for Natalie in the past to organize the armoire in her old room, now the guest room.  We were able to adjust the shelves of the cabinets and fit four cubes in each cabinet.  I generally separate the clothes for them by pajamas, underwear/diapers, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, shorts/capris, and long pants.  I color code the boxes so it helps the girls know where to put the clothes away. 

Since I had some time alone in an air-conditioned building I took advantage of looking for clearance deals to maximize my savings with the coupons.  Here are the pictures of what I purchased.




The top picture are the items I was able to get even better deals with the Target Web coupons.  There is still a coupon available for the Stride gum.

  • Men’s Merona Shirt regularly $14.99 on sale for $10 combined with $3 off Target Web Coupon – Final Price $7
  • Stride Gum (14 pk) $0.99 each combined with Buy One Get One Free Target Web Coupon – Final Price 2/$0.99
  • Merona Hobo Bag – originally $10 on clearance for $2.50 combined with $3 off Target Web Coupon – Final Price $0.50 Money Maker
  • Champion C9 Women’s Hooded Sweatshirt – originally $19.92 on clearance for $4.98 combined with $5 Target Web Coupon – Final Price $0.02 Money Maker

The bottom picture are some additional clearance items that I found in addition to the ClosetMaid fabric cubes I bought to finish organizing the girls’ room.

  • (4) ClosetMaid Fabric Cubes – Regularly $6.99 on sale for $6 each
  • Merona Denim Jacket – Originally $24.48 on clearance for $12.24
  • (2) Gillian O’Malley Nursing Tank Tops – Originally $16.96 on clearance for $4.24 each
  • Circo 3-pk long-sleeved onesies –Originally $9.89 on clearance for $6.92
  • 3-pk Trumpettetoo “sneaker” socks – Originally $8 on clearance for $2
  • Trumpettoo Soft soled shoes – Originally $12 on clearance for $3

Shelf Price (before sales, coupons, or tax): $163.14

Final Price (after sales, coupons, before tax): $64.11

Total Savings: $99.03 (61%)

This is definitely an example where it is exciting to see a savings of 61%, but I need to question is it a true savings?  I am rather sure that at even $2.50 I wouldn’t have bought the hobo purse without the $3 off coupon.  (I did make sure I had a purpose for it before purchasing it.  I am going to take it the hospital with me to keep some small things together.)  I wouldn’t have paid full price for the polo shirt, the denim jacket, or any of the items I picked up for “baby brother”.  I may have bought one nursing tank at $16.96, but not two at the same time.  I was planning on buying the fabric cubes so I was excited to see them on sale this week, but $0.99 off each cube although a saving, isn’t a huge savings.  The bottom line is – and what Steve has always told me - “it is great that you saved $99, but you still spent $64”. 

How about you, do you calculate your savings?  Do you sometimes feel like your savings although exciting aren’t the true amount?  Do you prefer to see how much you can buy for a certain dollar amount as opposed to how much you can save?

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Rebecca said...

I'm a nerd: I do both. Sometimes I still return things if I can't justify it. Have you figured out how to save on produce yet? =)