Monday, September 13, 2010

$2 off $5 Meat Purchase Coupon for MARTIN’S

I mentioned about two weeks ago that I had received the new coupons in my monthly MARTIN’S e-mail.  Evidently they don’t send the same coupons to all of the customers.  I was just reading RVA Deals (part of rvanews) and saw that Alison had a coupon for $2 off your $5 meat purchase she was posting.  This coupon can make the really good meat sale that I mentioned in this post even better!  Make sure if you print out this coupon multiple times that you ring up your meat purchases in separate transactions.  (I have been able to use my coupons multiple times, but only one per transaction.)  The $2 off is the equivalent to one pound of the 85/15 ground beef this week!
Thanks Alison at RVA Deals!

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