Saturday, May 22, 2010

MARTIN'S Coupon Policy

•MARTIN’S will double manufacturer coupons up to $0.50 everyday.
  • MARTIN’S will only double one “like” manufacturer coupon. (This means that even if you buy two bags of frozen veggies in the same transaction and have two coupons only one will double the other will be honored at the face value.)
  • Edited 3/29/11: I had read on-line that people were able to buy multiples of the same item and have the coupon double in the same shopping trip if they broke up the like items and coupons into separate orders.  I recently decided to test this by buying the exact same thing with the exact same coupon in two back to back transactions.  It worked!!!  I had a very patient cashier and no one else in line behind me, otherwise I would encourage you to use a self check-out line. 

•MARTIN’S will “double” the difference of a coupon with a value of $0.51-$0.99 and $1 to give you up to $1 off. (I have had $0.55 coupons that “doubled” $0.45 giving me $1 off.)

•MARTIN’S does accept internet printable (IP) coupons up to a face value of $5, they do not accept IP coupons for a “free” item. This includes buy one get one free.

•You must buy both items to get the free item with buy one get one free promotions. (You can’t buy one item at “half price”.)

•If you are buying 2 items with a buy one get one free promotion you can still use a coupon that covers both items.

If you still have questions feel free to check out the MARTIN'S website


Tammy said...

I live by the Harbour Point Martin's and in four visits, I've been overcharged four times. You've got to check your receipt with these people. Sure, when you go back and get the adjustment you get the first item free, but the aggravation of having to check the receipt and go back makes it not worth it. I'm just about ready to give up on this store.

The other problem is that the new baggers are untrained. One I had Saturday loaded my bag so much that it split as I lifted it from the car. That's insane. When I did some figuring, I realized there was well over 15 pounds of stuff in one paper bag. He also put raw meat ON TOP OF ice cream! Disgusting.

Martin's has got to get its act together or it won't last a year in this town.

Lisa G said...

The Martins site states that they will double coupons if you use a Martins card. Is this not true?

Ann said...

Lisa - Yes, if you look at the link to the Martin's site you have to have a Martin's Bonuscard for them to double your eligible coupons (or to receive any sale prices). If you don't have your bonuscard with you, but have a receipt with the number at the top they can manually enter your number and give you the sale prices and promotions.

Don't forget that if a coupon says "do not double" and the number beneath the barcode starts with a "5" it will still double, if it starts with a "9" it will not double.

Anonymous said...

Quick question. If Martin's has a BOGO deal going on, can you use 2 coupons. For example, if kraft shredded cheese is buy one get one free and you have 2 - $1/1, can you use both coupons?

Ann said...

Anonymous - first I apologize for not answering quicker. We have had a crazy two weeks at our house so blogging hasn't been a top priority.

Yes - in theory if there is an in-store promotion for a BOGO you can use a coupon for each of the items that you are buying. The two coupons should come off based on the fact two barcodes that match the coupon description were scanned during the transaction.

This can be a gray area though. If the coupon beeps and they see that it is already free because of a store promotion the cashier or manager may not allow it.

Personally I have used $x/2 coupons with BOGO promotions and don't recall having any problem. I can't recall for certain if I have used two coupons with a BOGO promotion.

Sorry for the long answer. If you find that you were able to use two coupons for a BOGO please let me know. :)

Anonymous said...

I am having a hard time tracking down the details for the reusable bag policies. I see on my receipts that I get $0.05 back per bag, but is there a cap on how many bags they will discount per transaction?

Ann said...

You should receive a $0.05 bag credit for each reusable bag that you bring to the store and use. (If you bring 10 bags but only use 5 you will only get credited $0.25for the 5 bags that they used.)

In Richmond, I don't know about other areas, you also have the option of donating your $0.05 bag credit to the food bank with same guidelines - you can only donate the credit for bags that they actually use.

Anonymous said...

Thanks - I'm in Richmond and I had a somewhat grumpy clerk. I think I just got shorted a few bags due to that then. Had 5 but they only gave 3 on discount.