Thursday, May 5, 2011

MARTIN’S Dole Salad & Kraft Dressing Deal

I found out about this deal thanks to a comment Lissa left me on my top deals post.  Here is the information that she shared with me.  I don’t know how long this promotion is running, but with the salad dressing on sale this week and a manufacturer coupon available it looks like a great deal.

**I checked tonight – the promo is going on through 8/27.  It looks like a summer of inexpensive salad and salad dressing!


Lissa said...

Ann, I found a deal last night but I didn't see it listed in the paper. By the Dole salads there was a little shelf tag that said if you buy 2 Kraft Salad dressings ($1.50/ea) and 2 Dole Salads (2/$5), you will get $2 off instantly at checkout. I did this last night and it worked. So, I got 2 salads and 2 dressings (after using the $1/2 dressing coupon) for $6~ or, think of it as buying the salads and getting the dressings for .50 cents each. I'd be curious if anyone else saw the little signs at their store.....

Ann said...

I didn't walk through the produce section today when I was in the store. Great find! Did you by any chance see an end date for the promotion on the sign?
Also - out of curiosity did you get a Catalina coupon for Dole Salad after you bought two? I bought two Caesar kits last week (they were 2/$5) and redeemed a $1/2 kits peelie that was on a bag of salad that my mom had at her house. I realized at the end of my transaction when the cashier handed me my receipt it also triggered a $1/2 Dole Catalina coupon

Lissa said...

Yep, I had a Dole Cat from last week (or before?), and I got another one this week. It was for $1/2. I also bought the kits~ not just the lettuce bags. Ironically, it was the Caesar kits, too. :O)

Here is how to get this deal:

  • Buy Two Dole Salads for $5
  • Buy Two Kraft Salad Dressings for $4
    • Earn $2 off instantly
    • Redeem $1/2 Kraft Salad Dressings from 4/10 SmartSource insert
  • Final Price = $6
    • Lissa and I both mentioned that we received $1/2 Dole Salad Catalina coupons last week when we purchased two Salad Kits.  If you have that coupon it would be $5 for everything (or free if you redeem your $5 Catalina from the Hallmark deal)

Thanks for sharing with us Lissa!

Happy Shopping!


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