Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Money Maker Opportunity at MARTIN’S


Did you see this hidden on the front page of this week’s ad?  If you buy 3 expressions from Hallmark greeting cards you get a $5 Catalina to use on a future purchase.  I have read on-line (but haven’t had a chance to verify it myself) and verified that the $0.99 cards work for this deal.  I have also read that you can buy multiples of 3 in one transaction and get multiple $5 Catalinas.

I want to point out one thing that I did read and notice printed on the Catalina is that you can only use one of the $5 Catalinas at a time in a future transaction.  That means that if you get 6 cards and earn two $5 Catalinas and then want to use that towards your grocery purchase you can only redeem one of the Catalinas in the next transaction.  If you want to use both of them you will have to break up your grocery purchase into two separate transactions and use one $5 Catalina in each.  (Please do this in a self-check-out line and not the express line.)

Don’t forget that MARTIN’S offers a 10% discount on Hallmark cards everyday so the $0.99 cards are really only $0.89.  If you buy 3 that is $2.67 (before tax) and you just earned $2.33!

One great idea that I read on Hot Coupon World of a way to use the money you “made”, outside of the obvious of groceries, is to buy items that are part of the MARTIN’S Celebrates mothers every day prepaid $25 VISA promotion with your $5 Catalinas.  You will still be spending money, but if you combine the $5 Catalinas and the coupons from the May 1st P&G brandSaver you won’t be spending as much out of pocket to hit your 100 points. 

Happy Shopping!



**Update: I was able to make a quick run to MARTIN’S shortly after writing this post.  I didn’t see a large selection of $0.99 cards.  I made my purchases in two transactions at the self check-out.

Transaction #1:

  • Arnold Sandwich Thins = $1.84
  • (3) Hallmark Cards at $0.89 each (after 10% discount) = $2.67
  • Redeemed $3 Catalina from Splenda Deal
  • Final Price (including $0.18 tax) = $1.69
  • Earned a $5 off your next order Catalina

Transaction #2:

  • Arnold Sandwich Thins = $1.84
  • (2) Hallmark Cards at $0.89 each (after 10% discount) = $1.78
  • (1) Hallmark Card at $1.79 (after 10% discount) = $1.79
  • Redeemed $5 Catalina earned in Transaction #1
  • Final Price (including $0.23 tax) = $0.41
  • Earned a $5 off your next order Catalina

I spent $2.10 and left with $5 to spend on my next shopping trip!


Ruthie said...

Just did this at the Martin's on Hull St & Courthouse and there was a fully stocked encap of $0.99 cards for all occasions. There was also a couple with the Mother's Day cards. I bought 9 cards in one transaction and got three $5 catalinas. Could have broken it up and rolled them but I was in a hurry. Great deal!

Ann said...

Thanks for the tip Ruthie! I don't live near that store but I will be on the look-out for an endcap. I just read on Hot Coupon World that this deal is going on next week also, so maybe we can get Father's Day cards. ;)