Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I used a Walgreens Register Rewards at MARTIN’S!


I had two $5 Walgreens gift certificates that I earned through the Walgreens Rewards program they are (or were?) test marketing in Richmond.  The certificates were about to expire and of course being a crazy couponer I wanted not only to stretch them - I wanted to roll them into Register Rewards (RR).

I saw that there was a promo for Gillette Proglide that combined with a coupon made them about $1 after your RR. I clipped my coupons and took the kids to Walgreens.  I picked up two razors and purchased them in two separate transactions (you can only get one reward per transaction) and used each of my $5 certificates with the $4 coupon to pay ~$1.  I walked out of the store with two razors and $10 in RR. 

I used to play the drugstore couponing game, but I find Walgreens hard to play on a regular basis because of their sales and the 14 day expiration on their RR.  My coupons expire today (the 22nd) and I noticed Monday evening when I was making a trip to MARTIN’s that the RR said “Manufacturer Coupon” at the top next to the expiration date.  (I don’t think all of the RR are manufacturer coupons.  I believe most of them say store coupon.  This particular RR was compliments of Proctor & Gamble  I went to the service center desk at MARTIN’S and verified with the associate that yes I could use it at MARTIN’S.


I ended up purchasing 10 Powerades (two of them were gone before I got a picture) and using two of the $1/5 coupons I shared in my Top Deals Post along with a box of Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta and I paid only $0.19 (which was really just tax) thanks to my coupons and the $5 Register Rewards!

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