Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Update on My Summer Project– A Container Garden

I took some pictures this past Saturday when my garden was 2 weeks old.  I went to use the digital cameras but I couldn’t find one Steve had them both packed up.  So, please excuse the quality of the pictures they were taken with my iPhone. 


My yellow squash are looking really good and my butternut squash have sprouted.  We added a sprinkler to keep them watered because of the high temperatures we had last week.


My “leftovers” pot.  These are the single plants that didn’t fit in the boxes Steve built so I am trying them in a pot.  There is one yellow squash, one cucumber, and one zucchini.


My cucumbers on the left and zucchini are on the right.  They look like they are doing well.


My strawberry plants.  I think it is actually chipmunks eating all of our fruit.  I have given up on the thought of eating only our homegrown strawberries this summer.


My banana pepper plants in the front and my two grape tomato plants are on the left and my single tomato plant is on the right.  The grape tomato plants has small green tomatoes on it, so hopefully in the next week or so we will have our first harvest. 

I am planning on trying to take pictures once a week, so keep checking back for the progress or struggles of my first attempt at gardening.


PS – I found a gardening series that I have linked this post to -  Frugal Gardening 101 series hosted by Phoebe, Connie and Amy. Check it out!


Andrea said...

Love it! I think it's probably too late for me this year, but I am definitely going to try to grow veggies next year. Keep up the great work :)

WWadeII said...

We have a large hill in our back yard and I built a Garden into it last year for my fiance. Last year we did cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and some raspberry bushes. Got enough yield to make our own salsa every now and then. One of the raspberry bushes is coming back this year. She tried planting some beans, tomatoes and a few others but I think they all died either due to the excess rain or bad timing.
She replaced everything with a few strawberry plants and gets a few strawberries at a time. Funny cause she wants to get a whole bunch and eat them but can't because their are never enough ripe at one time. A note on strawberries, and some berry bushes, they are considered weeds and are next to impossible to get rid of after they are planted and will take over an entire garden if let be. I've heard even if you till up the entire bed and try to remove all the plants they will come back.

Ann said...

I had heard that about strawberry plants, and because this is my first attempt at gardening I decided to keep them in a pot. I had to laugh at your fiance and her strawberry yield. I jokingly said that I wanted to have enough strawberries to make more strawberry jam. I think we have each had one strawberry from our plants. :)