Saturday, June 25, 2011

Update on my Summer Project–A Container Garden

We were out of town for a week, but I came home to a thriving garden.  I couldn’t believe how big my squash plants had grown!   This post has pictures of what my garden looked like two weeks ago (the day we left for vacation) if you want to see how far I have come. 


My butternut squash (on the left) and my yellow squash!

I discovered what looks like some sort of fungus growing on the leaves of my zucchini, yellow squash, and butternut squash.  I went to Home Depot last night and found an organic spray that says it will kill bugs and white spot fungus on vegetables.  (I decided to go with the organic spray because my yellow squash plants are starting to produce and I was leery of spraying actual produce with a chemical.)  I hope it works!


My first squash!


My cucumbers (on the left) and zucchini – I don’t think they are doing well.  Any Suggestions?


Another shot of the cucumbers


The strawberry plants – we harvested 2 strawberries this week!


I went out this morning to get one that I thought needed another day, but something got to it first!


My banana pepper plants and my tomato plants in the back.  I am worried about my pepper plants.  What do you think?


A better shot of my tomatoes.  We have found a few ripe grape tomatoes, but there are lots of green ones on there so we should be getting more in the next few weeks.

Please keep checking back for my gardening progress (or defeat).  I am also linking this post to Frugal Gardening 101 series hosted by Phoebe, Connie and Amy.   Check out what other gardeners are accomplishing!



Miriam said...

Just from the pictures, I'm wondering if it's either from over-watering or lack of nutrients. If you're not watering too much (ie, DRENCHING the soil every day), then my guess would be that it needs some food. There's lots of organic options out for compost and plant foods. It doesn't look like your zucchini has the vine bore beetle - it would die completely in 1 day.

Ann said...

I think it is getting enough water. Steve rigged a timer on the hoses and placed them in each bed to go off at 7AM. I hadn't thought about feeding them more. The potting soil I used was suppose to have Miracle-Gro. I will try to look for some food or compost. Thanks for the tip!