Saturday, January 30, 2010

Family Meal Challenge - Round 2 Update

I came up with the idea about 2 weeks ago to purposely have us make and eat more meals at home.  We did ok our first week, but I decided to try again.  I talked about it a few days ago in this post.  So, how did we do?  We were successful.  We even stuck to our plan after my work schedule changed.  The snow also helped keep us from ordering anything and I noticed that there were not very many places open when we ventured out this afternoon to return a movie. 

Here is the run down for the rest of the week:

Thursday night - I ended up working Thursday in exchange for Saturday off.  (My church was planning a women's conference for the weekend that was later cancelled because of the snow.)  I didn't get a chance to get dinner in the crock pot before I left, but I left all of the ingredients and the recipe and Steve and Natalie made chili and baked potatoes for dinner.  (I was the one who broke the rule and got a panini for dinner.)

Friday night - I had planned breakfast for dinner, but did change our menu slightly.  Because I ended up with the weekend off I decided to save waffles for Saturday morning.  I ended up making fresh biscuits and sausage gravy.  I asked Steve to make a few extra potatoes Thursday night so I diced them up Friday with some onions and made some yummy home fries. 

Saturday night - I made fresh bread during the day and we enjoyed it with dinner.  We had grilled cheese (I added some ham to mine & Steve's) and tomato soup. 

So - we stuck to our menu plan for the week.  Well, everyone except for me on Thursday night.  We also were able to enjoy leftovers for lunch during the week.  I also played a little bit with planning out breakfast and lunch for me and the girls.  Perhaps that will be my next challenge - expanding the family meal challenge to breakfast and lunch.  Anybody want to join me?  If you are already a pro at meal planning,  do you have any tips or favorite recipes you would like to share?

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