Sunday, January 10, 2010

Free Items this week at Ukrop's

I am home from church this morning with "the crud".  Thankfully it is just the coughing all day and night crud and not a stomach bug.  Nonetheless, I don't think anyone would appreciate me sitting next to them in church while I was coughing my head off (as my mom would say).

Because everyone else went off to church this morning I have had a rare quiet morning to myself.  I was sitting at the table sipping some hot herbal tea and flipping through the sale ads and the coupon inserts from my Sunday paper.  I noticed two free items at Ukrop's this week just from glancing.

  1. Chobani Greek Yogurt are $1 each this week.  There were $1 off any Chobani Yogurt coupons in the 12-13 SS.  Making them FREE!  If you don't have any coupons for this (or want more) look on ebay*.  I just purchased 30 (3 lots of 10) coupons with free shipping for $5.25 from a buy it now auction. I just tried this yogurt last week.  It is really good, and it is loaded with protein - 14 grams of protein in a 6oz serving.
  2. The Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetables are also $1 each this week.  There is a coupon in today's SS for 0.50/1 Steamfresh Vegetables. There are still valid coupons from the 11-15 SS and 12-6 SS for 0.50/1.  These coupons will double on Wednesday to $1 making them FREE!
There are some other great deals, but I wanted to let you know about the free items so that you could make sure you get at least one Sunday paper today and to give you enough time to secure some coupons from ebay*.  I will post the deals for the rest of the week in another post.  I am going to try to squeeze in a nap since I was up coughing most of the night and the house is quiet.

*When you purchase coupons from ebay you are not actually paying for the coupons you are reimbursing the seller for their time in clipping, sorting, posting, and preparing the coupons for you.  The coupons themselves are free.

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