Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ukrop's Meat Department Deals

I ended up going to work for a few hours on Thursday and before I left I walked by the meat department and found these goodies marked down begging for me to buy them.  I was getting low on my meat supply in the freezer so I gladly picked them up.  They were marked down on Thursday (the 14th) because they had a sell by date of Friday (the 15th).  (Ukrop's states that their perishables are good for 3 days after the sell by date if stored correctly.  I have had meat turn before the 3 day window and they have refunded me my money.)

This is what I got on Thursday (the prices are after the 33% off):
Meatloaf Mix (Ground Beef, Veal, & Pork) (1.07 lb) - $2.86
Beef Tip Roast (2.3 lb) - $6.18
London Broil (2.15 lb) - $7.02

Ok, so you bought a bunch of red meat.  Big deal you are going to make a meatloaf, a roast, and a london broil.  Close, but not quite.  :)

I had some helpers with me the kitchen:

Can you guess what I did by looking at the picture?  That is right - I made my own lean ground beef.  I cut the roast into large chunks and then processed it twice through the meat grinder attachment on my KitchenAid mixer.  The meat manager at the Ukrop's I shop and work at told me that it would be a cross between ground round and ground sirloin because of the cut I was purchasing.  He promised it would be very flavorful.  We will have to wait and see.  I packaged it in two freezer bags for future use. 

So here are my ready for the freezer finished products:

The two bags at the top are the ground beef tip roast.  I made a marinade for the london broil and placed it in a large freezer bag.  This way when I pull it out to thaw it will also marinate at the same time.  I also mixed up the meatloaf mix with my mom's recipe for meatloaf (some bread crumbs, an egg, some onion, some salt, some pepper, and tomato sauce).  My hope is that I will remember to pull all of these goodies out of the freezer a day in advance so they can thaw in the refrigerator and we can enjoy some meals with some of the prep work already out of the way.

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