Sunday, January 31, 2010

If you can get out...

If you can get out safely today I strongly encourage you to get a newspaper (or two or three) today.  I was almost shocked when I found my Sunday paper delivered this morning - extra thanks to our delivery guy!  There are two sets of inserts and some of the coupons will work out great with week two of the mega sale at Kroger.  Ukrop's also has a really good ad this week.  It looks like they want to finish their last week with a bang.  (The sale to Royal Ahold is scheduled to be complete on Monday, February 8th.) If you haven't already make sure you go to and print out your Breakstone's sour cream coupons - it is on sale for 0.99 this week.  That means on double coupon Wednesday when you have your 0.55 coupon it will be a 0.11 money maker on each one that you buy!  With the snow keeping us in for the most part due to church being cancelled and a change in my work schedule again this week I am hoping to get my weekly match-ups finished early.  But, I am hesitant to say when because in my crazy world you never know what is going to keep that from happening.  

Stay warm and safe! 

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