Monday, June 28, 2010

A late night at MARTIN’S

Last week was one of those weeks where things were just crazy.  I thankfully had a good stockpile in my pantry and freezer and we didn’t suffer from me not going to the store until late Saturday night.  I have to admit that I kind of like MARTIN’S staying open until midnight because I can go out to the store after the girls are in bed by myself and not end up with the “ok, just one thing” purchases.  I found some more store brand items that I was able to get a good deal on by combining the MARTIN’S store brand coupon booklet. 


Steve is such a good sport that he helped me bring in all of the groceries, set them up for the picture, and he even took the picture for me.  We did realize that we left out two plastic salad plates that I found on the seasonal aisle. 

Shelf Total (before sales, coupons, bag credits, or tax): $89.28

Final Price (after sales, coupons, bag credits, and before tax): $30.08

Total Savings: $59.20 (66%)

Here is a breakdown of my purchases and the final price for each item:

(1) Chex Mix Bars - $1.50

(2) Fruit2O 6-pks - $2 each

(1) Del Monte No Sugar Added Mandarin Oranges - $1

(1) Hunt’s Ketchup - $0.60

(1) Bounty Paper Towels – FREE  (coupon from Richmond resident mailer)

(2) Krunchers Potato Chips - $0.90 each

(2) GIANT Fruit Jug Drinks – FREE ($1 off any GIANT Beverage)*

(1) Nature’s Promise Organic Black Beans – FREE ($1 off any Nature’s Promise Grocery Item)*

(1) GIANT Relish - $0.29 ($1 off any GIANT BRAND Product)*

(1) Nature’s Promise Whole Grain Bread - $1.29 ($2 off any Nature’s Promise Meat, Produce or Bakery Product)*

(1) Nature’s Promise Tortilla Chips - $1 ($1 off any Nature’s Promise Grocery Product)*

(1) GIANT Water (3L) – FREE ($1 off any GIANT Beverage)*

(1) GIANT Ranch Dressing - $0.50 ($1 off any GIANT Brand Product)*

(1) Pure Power Paper Towels – FREE ($1 off any Pure Power or Pure Softness Product)*

(1) GIANT Caramel Mini Rice Cakes - $0.35 ($1 off any GIANT Brand Snack or Cookie)*

(1) Muir Glen Pizza Sauce - $0.99 (

(2) Plastic Salad Plates – FREE ($2 off any Smart Living Product)*

(2) GIANT Hummus (10 oz) - $1.15 each (bogo + $1 off any GIANT Brand Product)*

1.21 lb Bananas - $0.59

Nature’s Promise Organic Romaine Hearts - $1.99 ($2 off any Nature’s Promise Meat, Produce, or Bakery Item)*

Iceberg Lettuce - $1.59

(2) GIANT Ice Cream Cups – FREE ($1 off any GIANT Brand Ice Cream)*

(6) Nesquik Milk - $0.50 each

(1) Sorrento Cheese Sticks - $3.89

Nature’s Promise Organic 1% Milk - $3.29

GIANT Butter (1 lb) – FREE (coupon from Richmond resident mailer)

GIANT Butter (1lb) - $1 ($1 off any GIANT Brand Product)*

Cottontails Hair & Body Babywash - $1 ($1 off any Cottontails Baby Product)*

(2) CareOne Toothbrushes - $0.35 each (bogo + $1 off any CareOne Health Care Product)*

(1) CareOne Cotton Puffs – FREE ($1 off any CareOne Beauty Care Product)*

I actually got my bag credits this time so I saved $0.20 and I redeemed my $3/$30 coupon from the Richmond resident mailer.

*I didn’t read the fine print on the coupons and didn’t realize that it says “limit one coupon per customer”.  The manager knew me and did an override on any of the duplicate store brand coupons that I had, but let me know that it was a one time pass.  :)


Lissa said...

Just to clarify~ it is OK to use more than one of the special coupon booklet coupons, just not 2 of the same KIND, right? So, you can't use 2 or more of the "get $1 off a giant brand item"......

Ann said...

Lissa - you are exactly right. You can use more than one coupon from the booklet, just not two identical coupons such as $1 off Giant ice cream (from 2 booklets)in the same transaction.