Thursday, June 3, 2010

Double Your Money Back Guarantee at MARTIN’S


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I noticed the logo and motto in various areas of the sales flyer, but I found out more info about the program this morning.

I decided that I wanted to make more strawberry jam.  We gave away several jars to friends, family, and Natalie’s preschool teachers in addition to finishing off several of them ourselves.  It was not going to work out for us to go to strawberry picking or back to the farmer’s market so I decided I would pick-up some organic strawberries while we were in MARTIN’S on Tuesday.  I got four quarts (or 1 pound packages) for $3.99 each.  (I know they are only $2.50 each at Kroger this week.)  Of course it didn’t work out for us to make the strawberry jam on Tuesday and I was going to work on it Wednesday afternoon.  That didn’t happen either.  I looked at the strawberries Wednesday night, along with a package of raspberries I had picked up and noticed mold growing on two of the packages of strawberries and on the raspberries.   I took the two bad containers of strawberries and the raspberries back to MARTIN’S this morning.

I found out today that essentially all perishable items are items that qualify for the double your money back guarantee.  I got double my money back on the raspberries and the strawberries (making the 2 that didn’t go bad free).  Last week I got double my money back on a London Broil that had gone bad in my refrigerator before the sell-by date.

I do want to emphasize that I would not intentionally take advantage of this program.  I would like to think that strawberries or raspberries can survive for a day after I purchase them.  I also wouldn’t have returned them if I thought I had done something to make them go bad faster like leave them in a hot car for two days.  I would like to think that others would also do the same and be honest.  This is a great program, just don't take advantage of it or we may lose it. 

One last thing – they do scan your bonus card to give you the refund so there is tracking in what you buy and return.  You also don’t want to be the crazy person that returns everything.  I remember being in line behind a lady in Ukrop’s who returned sour cream because she thought it smelled sour.  They know that, that is why it is called “sour” cream.  :)



Judi B said...

Good to know.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found out about this policy today. How did they make you feel when you returned the items? Were they nice about it? I think it's a very generous and kind policy of theirs and I'm on a limited budget. Last friday I bought a bunch of bananas from Food Lion and over the next 3 days tried to eat them, only to find each one was rotten inside. Not bruised, rotten. I was so frustrated! If Martin's truly honors this policy, I will definitely shop there.

Ann said...

I didn't have any problems. I also work at the store where I made the return so they know me. Ukrop's was always willing to accept returns on items that were bad so I am glad that Martin's has a similar policy.