Thursday, June 17, 2010

MARTIN’S Shopping for the week – so far

I was just planning on picking up some produce after work Tuesday night to get us through until I could finish the match-ups and figure out what we really needed.  It is amazing how not cooking and being out of town for a week can allow you to forget what you have or need in your pantry.  I ended up with some really good deals and some more freebies thanks to the MARTIN’S coupon booklet that I mentioned in this post

Here is the picture of my purchases:


Shelf Price (before sales, coupons, or tax): $63.00

Final Price (after sales, coupons, before tax): $21.03

Total Savings: $41.97 (67%)

Here is a list of my purchases along with the coupon that I used.

(3) Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce (18 oz) – FREE (IP for $1 off found here and here)

Kraft Mayo (30 oz) – FREE (MARTIN’S coupon booklet mailed to residents)

CareOne Foaming Hand Soap - $0.67 ($1 off CareOne Healthcare Product)

Acadia Fruit Flavored Water - $1.24 ($1 off any GIANT Beverage)

Acadia Bottled Water – FREE (MARTIN’S coupon booklet mailed to residents)

GIANT Black Beans – FREE ($1 off any GIANT product)

Nature’s Promise Black Beans – FREE ($1 off any Nature’s Promise Grocery Product)

Nature’s Promise Whole Grain Bread - $1.29 ($2 off any Nature’s Promise Meat, Produce, or Bakery Product)

GIANT Graham Crackers - $1.19 ($1 off any GIANT Brand Snack or Cookie)

Simply Dry Diapers (27 ct) - $2.99 ($3 off any Simply Dry Diaper Product)

Pure Power Paper Towels – FREE ($1 off any Pure Power or Pure Softness Product)

Cottontails Baby Wipes - $1.19 ($1 off any Cottontails Baby Product)

Smart Living Barbeque Tongs (originally $7) - $1.50 ($2 off any Smart Living Product)

2.34lb of Red Seedless Grapes - $3.49

Cucumber - $0.99

1.94lb Gala Apples - $1.92

Bagged Salad - $2.50

(2) GIANT Single Serve Ice Cream Cups (6oz) - $0.30 each ($1 off any GIANT BRAND Ice Cream)

CareOne Tweezers - $0.49 ($1 off any CareOne Beauty Care Product)

Cracker Barrell Cheese Sticks - $2.99

Heluva Good Sour Cream - $0.29 (IP for $0.50/1 found here)

I also redeemed my $3 off $30 coupon found in the MARTIN’S coupon booklet mailed to residents.

You may have noticed that I picked up a few things that I don’t usually buy.  I found out right before I left for my trip that I am borderline for gestational diabetes.  My doctor suggested that I follow the diet and recommendations from the American Diabetes Association and picked up the cheese sticks and whole grain bread to have some easy snacks available and bread for lunch.  The ice cream is a calorie and carb splurge – I will have to make sure I go for a walk right after enjoying that.  :)

Have you tried the MARTIN’S store brand items?  Have you found any other freebies using the coupon booklet?  Feel free to share.



Miriam said...

I'm curious about your total... I thought the $3/$30 coupon was only good after all sales and other coupons?

Ann said...

Yes, that is what the coupon says. I have had several cashiers take the $3/$30 before scanning any of my coupons. One even asked me when he saw the other 2 free item coupons if I had used it already and scanned the $3/$30 before any of my coupons. I had a gift card I was purchasing in a seperate transaction that I was going to add in if I ran into any problems.

Anonymous said...

I've been getting lots of freebies too. Stocking up on Nature's Promise beans for chili this winter. They have some cute nightlights for the Smart Living coupon. I've been getting the .99 Companion chewsticks for my dog - both coupons work. I'm having trouble finding the simply enjoy products, been getting ice cream with them. You will get overage if the price of the item is less than the coupon. Eating too many of the $1.00 packs of Giant cookies, but they are FREE!

Lissa said...

I've been using the Giant Snack coupon on the white cheddar rice cakes~ I think they are $1.29 before the coupon. Also, the $1/off any Giant product coupon can be used on the Giant oatmeal on sale this week to make it free. I've gotten the Giant 100% apple juice ($1.69 b4 coupon) with the "beverage" coupon. The Care One health Item coupon I've been using on the b1g1 dental flossers that are $1.59 (so, .59 cents for 2 after coupon).

Unrelated: do you like the Simply Dry diapers? I've gotten 2 pkgs of those and I really don't like them! I think they run small, and the little velcro tabs keep coming undone~ i've had a few messes, especially in the morning. Maybe I just need to bump up a size, but that would put my almost 2yo in a size 6, and he's not that big!!

Ann said...

Lissa - I am not sure about the Simply Dry diapers. I opened up the first package and realized I picked-up the wrong size (size 3 for my 2 year old). I just opened up the size 4 (which is the size she wears in Pampers) and the first few seem to be ok, but I don't love them. The don't seem to stretch as much. I haven't been willing to try them overnight yet - but they seem ok for daytime. They may be a good keep in reserve package but I think I will continue to look for sales and stock-up on Pampers. I did just open a package of the Cottontails wipes and like them - they are similar to Huggies wipes.

Saving Our Way said...

I just noticed in your header that you found out that you are having a little boy! How fun after 2 girls! :-) Sorry you are borderline gestational diabetes but hopefully you can manage that with diet & not have to go fully into a diabetic lifestyle!


Ann said...

Thanks! We are excited about having a little boy. It has been a transition to start to look for blue clothes after looking for pink clothes for so long. The baby is large (I tend to grow big babies) so the borderline GD thing is associated with that. I thankfully didn't have this problem with the girls, but each pregnancy is definitely different.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know where all of the GIANT coupons are coming from. I have the new booklet with the freebies and the $3/$30 but I would love to get a hold of some of those other GIANT coupons you have mentioned using. Thanks so much!

SN: I am due with a baby boy shortly after you as well. I am due August 29!! Congrats and thanks so much for this blog!

Ann said...

I have found the coupon booklet with the new store brands at the customer service desk at Westpark. It is a small booklet and on the front says "The only difference you'll notice is the price." It has $20 worth of coupons for the different store brands they carry. I hope you can find one!

Congrats on your little boy on the way! I hope you are surviving with the heat. Although this is my third pregnancy this is my first true summer pregnancy. (My girls are late December & early June babies.)