Friday, June 25, 2010

Some more MARTIN’S Deals…

Lissa commented on the complete match-ups post and pointed out two things I wanted to make everyone aware of (in case you don’t read the comments section of the post) -

I noticed that Wacky Mac is on sale this week again for 10/$10. Use the .50/1 from 5/16 SS to get that free.  (from Ann - The Wacky Mac Coupon in my 5/16 SS is for $1/2 – I know there is a $0.50/1, but I am not sure if anyone using the Richmond Times-Dispatch coupons got that particular coupon.)

I wanted to point out something I saw in the store last night...I was doing the fuel perks deals, but when I got to the Kraft Parmesan cheese I noticed the shelf tag said it was part of the "Buy 8" deal, not the "Buy 6" deal the paper said. Sure enough, I used it as my 8th item and I got the 20 cent FP. It was a good reminder to always double check myself with the shelf tags~ you just never know...and it definitely isn't the first time the Martin's ad has been wrong. :O)

Thanks Lissa for sharing an unadvertised sale and a great reminder about always checking the shelf tags!

Has anyone else found any great unadvertised deals?  Feel free to share!


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