Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MARTIN’S - Buy $20 Get $7 off instantly


imageThis deal has the potential to be a really good deal.  I am listing the coupons available in addition to a few scenarios.  If you want to do more than one scenario at a time I would break them up into separate transactions. 

Deal Scenario #1:

  • Buy (6) Nature Valley Granola Bars = $15
  • Buy (4) Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes = $5.33
  • Subtotal = $20.33
    • Redeem the following coupons:
      • (3) $0.75/2 Nature Valley = (-$2.50)
      • (2) $0.50/2 Betty Crocker Potatoes = (-$1.50)
      • Earn $7 off for purchasing $20 worth of participating products
  • Final Total = $9.33

Deal Scenario #2:

  • Buy (6) Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks = $12
  • Buy (10) Green Giant Canned Vegetables = $8
  • Subtotal = $20
    • Redeem the following coupons:
    • (3) $0.50/2 Fruit Snacks = (-$2)
    • Earn $7 off for purchasing $20 worth of participating products
  • Final Total = $11 (I read on-line that there is a $4 Catalina printing when you buy 4 boxes.  I don’t know if it is working in Richmond. If it is that would make your final total $7)

Deal Scenario #3:

  • Buy (4) Pillsbury Easter Cookies = $10
  • Buy (2) Romano’s Macaroni Grill Boxed Dinners = $6
  • Buy (1) Original Cheerios = $2.50
  • Buy (1) Cinnamon Burst Cheerios = $2.50
  • Subtotal = $21
    • Redeem the following coupons:
    • (2) $1/2 Pillsbury Cookies = (-$2)
    • (1) $1/2 Romano’s Macaroni Grill = (-$1)
    • (1) $0.55/1 Original Cheerios = (-$1)
    • (1) $0.75/1 Cinnamon Burst Cheerios = (-$1)
    • Earn $7 off for purchasing $20 worth of participating products
  • Final Total = $9


Feel free to share any scenarios or hidden deals that you find!

Happy Shopping!



Broken Circle in Flight said...

I thought the $20 had to be after coupons were taken into account..., or was that the spend $50, save X? I dont have the ad in front of me.

Ann said...

They did say coupons in last week's ad (for the first time since they have been in Richmond). From what I have read on-line and from past experiences the $20 must be reached with the advertised price. When they say "after discounts" they mean the sale price you get when you use your Martin's bonuscard. You can still use your manufacturer coupons and get the $7 off. If anyone knows something different please feel free to comment.

Lissa said...

I think I may have stumbled on a deal this afternoon! I bought 8 boxes of Nature Valley crunchy granola bars @ $2.50 each, for a total of $20. Then I got my $7 back, used 4 .75/1 coupons, which brought my total down to $9.75. After I checked out, I got 2 $4 Catalinas for my next order! I read that the Cats were working on the Betty Crocker fruit snacks, but I didn't expect it on the granola bars. That made my out of pocket $1.75 for 8 boxes of granola bars! Yay!

Ann said...

Thanks for the tip Lissa! I saw your post when we were getting ready to leave for church so I made sure to grab my granola bar coupons that I had clipped this morning. I was just going to get 8 boxes like you, but with the additional $8 in Catalinas - what a great deal. It has been a long time since I have gotten granola bars for less than $0.50/box. :)

Rebekah said...

Does anyone know if the catalina deal will work with the chewy bars?

Ann said...

Rebekah - I saw the tag saying that the chewy bars are part of the Buy $20 get $7 off instantly. I am going to the store after preschool pick-up and I am going to try buying the chewy bars and see if I get the $4 Catalina also and report back.

Lissa said...

Yes, it works on the chewys. I tried it yesterday on the regular chewys, and a friend of mine tried it on the chewys with yogurt. Both worked fine. :O)

Ann said...

Thanks Lissa - yes I also got four boxes of the Nature Valley Chewy granola bars and got my $4 off your next order Catalina.