Thursday, April 21, 2011

MARTIN’S Catalina Deals–Free Light Bulbs, Re-useable Shopping Bags & Splenda


I walked out of the store with these items and two $2 Catalinas in my hand and only paid $3.56 (including tax)!

I read about both of these deals on-line at Hot Coupon World and wanted to verify it myself before posting about it.  Here are the details and how I purchased everything.

Transaction #1:

  • Splenda Granular Sweetner (3.5-3.8 oz) – $3.99
    • Use $3/1 from 4/17 SmartSource insert
    • $0.99 after sale and coupon

I found out that there is a $3 Catalina printing right now when you buy two Splenda.  I paid $2.20 (including VA tax) for the two packages of Splenda and earned a $3 Catalina. 

Transaction #2:

I saw this hidden in this week’s ad, but didn’t want to pay $4 for two light bulbs and get a free re-usable shopping bag. 


I then read on-line that there is a $2 Catalina printing for each light bulb.

edit on 4/21 at 10PM – I just read a comment from a reader and checked the Hot Coupon World forum where I read about this deal and it looks like it is now only printing one $2 Catalina when you buy two light bulbs.

I bought two light bulbs at $1.99 each and picked up a reusable shopping bag.  (I was even able to donate my $0.05 bag credit to the food bank.)  My total came to $4.18 (including tax).  I redeemed my $3 Catalina from transaction #1 and paid $1.18.  I then earned two $2 Catalinas.

Transaction #3:

I followed the same plan as transaction #2.  My subtotal came to $4.18.  I redeemed my two $2 Catalinas from transaction #2 and earned two more $2 Catalinas.  Smile


Don’t go too crazy with these deals, please remember to leave some on the shelf for others.  

Happy Shopping!


Thanks Hot Coupon World!


Praznow said...

yeah this is surely a hot deal. Little bummed our area didn't get the $1.00/1 GE Engery coupons which would make our out of pocket even lower.

Ann said...

Yes - I was bummed to not find the GE coupon in our inserts. It is nice to get them for free with the Catalinas, but it is always nicer to leave the store with more money than you started with. :)

Praznow said...

Prayfully this will go on sale again before the catalina ends. I know our current sale will end Saturday. Some Giants store have the bulbs for $0.99 instead of $1.99 like us. I wish they would be on the same page. Still greatful for all they do, again realizing that some stores don't double at all.

Lissa said...

This didn't work as well for me~ I bought 2 of the 100 watt bulbs and only got 1 $2 cat. I wonder if it is different if you buy the 75 or 60's? What did you buy, Ann?

Ann said...

I actually bought two of each kind (the 100, 75, & 60). I got two $2 Catalinas each time. I just checked Hot Coupon World (where I originally found out about the deal) and it looks like the same thing happened to several people today that happened to you - they bought two light bulbs got the free bag, but only got one $2 Catalina. I did read that one person who tried buying 4 bulbs at one time got a $3 Catalina. I am sorry that the deal didn't work out for you.