Saturday, April 30, 2011

MARTIN’S Celebrates mothers every day!–$25 prepaid VISA offer


The deal states that the dollar amount (or points) towards the $100 are cumulative so you can plan out your shopping (and your budget) over the 3 weeks of the promotion.  The number of points accumulated will appear at the bottom of your receipt.  I also saw where you can check it on-line if you have registered your BONUSCARD.

I have not bought any items towards this deal yet (I am thinking about buying the diapers with the free wipes), but I read on-line that like previous promotions the points accumulated are based on the sale price, not what you spend after coupons.  This is a great way to stock-up on items that you use and earn a gift card to treat yourself to a little something like maybe a dinner out (where kids eat free.) :)

Here are more details (from the MARTIN’S website) about the promotion, how to receive your prepaid VISA,  and the brands included. 

**Don’t forget that there is also a new P&G brandSAVER insert in tomorrow’s paper. **

Happy Shopping!


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