Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MARTIN’S Update–Buy $20 get $7 off instantly

I shared the details of this deal in a post I wrote last night.  Reader Lissa sent me a note this evening about a second deal that she uncovered today. 

I think I may have stumbled on a deal this afternoon! I bought 8 boxes of Nature Valley crunchy granola bars @ $2.50 each, for a total of $20. Then I got my $7 back, used 4 .75/2 coupons, which brought my total down to $9.75. After I checked out, I got 2 $4 Catalinas for my next order! I read that the Cats were working on the Betty Crocker fruit snacks, but I didn't expect it on the granola bars. That made my out of pocket $1.75 for 8 boxes of granola bars! Yay!

I also ran into MARTIN’S tonight on our way home from church and got 8 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars just like Lissa’s scenario and also got 2 $4 Catalinas.  The Betty Crocker/General Mills snacks (granola bars and fruit snacks) are giving the Catalina when you buy them in groups of 4.  I haven’t tried it but I saw on-line that the deal rolls, meaning that you can use your $4 Catalina on another round of Granola bars if you want.   I haven’t found granola bars for less than $0.50 a box in a while so I am excited – even if it is 5 Weight Watchers PointsPlus for 2 bars.  :)


Praznow said...

I forget to email you last night. They do roll. I bought 6 nature valley & 2 nature valley trail mix. Paid $9.00 (because the trail mix had $0.50 Q's) got back two ($4) cats. I then purchased 10 boxes of fruit snacks used q's and the (2) cats and got back another (2) $4 cats. Excited to keep them rolling

Ann said...

I am excited about this as well Praznow. Sorry I am so late in getting to your comment. I had an appointment this morning and then had to go into work for some training and we just finally all got home around 8 tonight. Now I have to get my coupons straight and hope that all of the granola bars and fruit snacks are still in stock when I hit the store tomorrow morning. :)

Holly @SurvivingOnAShoestring said...

Thanks to both of you for this deal, I was able to get 8 boxes for 1.50 (with only 8.66 out of pocket because I had a 1.50 off catalina from my last trip!)