Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stock Your Fridge and Save on Gas this Week at MARTIN’S

***If you are in the Richmond area tune into NBC 12 tonight at 5PM to see me (and my two youngest little ones) on the “More Bang For Your Buck” segment. If you aren’t in Richmond I will try to post the link once it is up.

I was near the John Rolfe MARTIN’S Wednesday morning and had some time before I needed to get to my next stop so I decided to make a lap around the store to look for any unadvertised deals and to check out the meat items in the buy 3 get $0.40/gallon fuelperks!. I started my grocery store laps by scanning my MARTIN’S BONUSCARD at the shopping kiosk and discovered a $1 off a $10 meat purchase coupon available. What a great bonus!

This is what I bought:


I picked up the three smallest ham slices that I could find (the prices were $4.13, $4.21, and $4.35). These are vacuum sealed and the sell by date is November 26.

My pre-tax total was $11.69 after I redeemed my $1 off $10 meat purchase coupon. I also earned an additional $0.40/gallon towards my fuelperks! balance. When I factor in the $8 I will save on gas thanks to fuelperks! my final price is $3.69. (This purchase brought my balance to $3.45 per gallon. I should get 20 gallons for $2.18 the next time I need to fill-up!)

I am also really excited to have the ham slices in my refrigerator. I have a few potential meals already in the works for them. One will be great with our eggs and pancakes for a Saturday morning breakfast. I may dice up one of the ham slices and use it in either soup, quiche, or frittatas. I could also make one of my sister’s favorite meals, warm ham with a brown sugar glaze, macaroni & cheese, baked apples and rolls. There are lots of possibilities.

Have you been taking advantage of the fuleperks! program (either in Richmond or at MARTIN’S/GIANT PA outside of Richmond)? Did you find any other great deals to build up your fuelperks! balance this week? Feel free to ask me any questions about how the Richmond area fuelperks! program works.

Happy Shopping!



Erin L. said...

I saw a preview for this earlier today and thought that was you :) - Congrats!

Jessica said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing the link.

This is one of my family's favorite soup recipes. I replace the bacon with diced ham, and only puree half the potatoes because we prefer chunky soup.

Ann said...

Thanks Erin! Jennifer Warnick (the NBC 12 Diva of Discounts) is really nice and a hard core couponer herself. I met her during the summer with the $10 school supplies challenge and when she heard about my gas deals she wanted to share it with others. I haven't seen the segment in advance so I can't wait to see the finished product. :)

Ann said...

Jessica - that soup looks really good!!!!! I have a similar recipe but it uses cream of mushroom soup. This one looks healthier. I think this is going on next week's menu. Thanks for the recipe. :)

victoria said...

I saw u on tv, i am a coupon girl too! I went to Martin's today and saved alot using ur tips. Thank u!

Ann said...

Thanks Victoria! I am so happy to hear that you saved. You don't have to be an extreme couponer to save big bucks. ;)