Monday, May 31, 2010

I saved 70% at MARTIN’S

Martin's_Logo I mentioned several weeks ago that MARTIN’S did a huge mailing to all residents with zip codes near the newly remodeled stores.  They published store coupons with staggered dates so they could get shoppers in the stores about once a week for the next month.  These coupons have been great!  I used the ones for this week last night when we hit the store after being out-of-town for several days.  I got $3 off my purchases of $30 or more, a free 45 oz Ragu pasta sauce, and a free 1-lb box of San Giorgio Macaroni. 

Have you seen this coupon booklet?

DSC_3813 I found it sitting on a table when they had employees registering customers for MARTIN’S cards.  I also saw some sitting at the Service Center desk (formerly customer service).  The coupons are for MARTIN’S Store brand items, but I saved $17 last night and got lots of free and almost-free items with the coupons.  The coupons require you to spend a minimum of $15 after all discounts and before tax.  I was able to use multiple coupons from the booklet along with my coupons from the Richmond area mailer together in one transaction.

Here is a picture of my purchases from last night:


Shelf Price (before sales, coupons, or tax): $85.46

Final Price (after sales, coupons, before tax): $26.04

Total Savings: $59.42 (70%)


Here is a list of what I purchased, the final price I paid, and the coupon I used:

(6) Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque Sauce - $0.50 each

($1/2 from 5/23 SS)

San Giorgio Pasta (1 lb)– FREE

(Richmond Residents MARTIN’S Coupon Mailer)

Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars - $2

(Tearpad $1 off when you buy GIANT Marshmallows & GIANT Graham Crackers)

Ragu Pasta Sauce (45 oz) – FREE (I double checked my receipt and discovered I actually made $0.49 on this read the comments section for more details.)

(Richmond Residents MARTIN’S Coupon Mailer)

Cottontail Baby Wipes (80 ct) - $1.19

($1 off Cottontails Baby Product from Coupon Booklet)

Pure Softness Dryer Sheets (40 ct) - $0.09

($1 off Pure Power of Pure Softness Product from Coupon Booklet)

Nature’s Promise Organic Black Beans (15.5 oz) – FREE

($1 off any Nature’s Promise Grocery Product from Coupon Booklet)

GIANT Graham Crackers (14.4 oz) - $1

($1 off any GIANT Brand Snack or Cookie from Coupon Booklet)

GIANT Marshmallows  (10 oz) - $0.89

GIANT Graham Cracker Pie Crust (6oz) – FREE

($1 off any GIANT Brand Product from Coupon Booklet)

GIANT Apple Juice (64 oz) – FREE

($1 off any GIANT Brand Beverage from Coupon Booklet)

Simply Dry Diapers (31 ct) - $2.99

($3 off any Simply Dry Diaper Product from Coupon Booklet)

(2) Smart Living D-sized Batteries (4 ct) - $2.39 (for both)

(on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free, and $2 off any Smart Living Product from Coupon Booklet)

Value Pack Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (3.82 lb) - $6.07

Nature’s Promise Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (0.76 lb) - $0.16

(marked down for Manager’s Special, and $2 off any Nature’s Promise Meat, Produce, or Bakery Product from Coupon Booklet)

(1) Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables – FREE

($0.50 from 5/2 SS – it expired 5/30)

(3) Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables - $0.50 each

($0.50 from 5/2 SS – they will only double one coupon, the others are at face value)

Simply Enjoy Apple Blossom - $1.59

($1 off any Simply Enjoy Product from Coupon Booklet)

GIANT Ice Cream Sandwiches (12 ct) - $1.50

($1 off any GIANT brand Ice Cream from Coupon Booklet)

Stonyfield Organic Milk - $3.99

CareOne Nail Buffer - $0.19

($1 off any CareOne Beauty Care Product from Coupon Booklet)

CareOne Extra Strength Pain Reliever (24 ct) - $0.99

($1 off any CareOne Health Care Product from Coupon Booklet)

Redeemed $3 off your total purchase of $30 or more

I will let you know what I think about the MARTIN’S store brand items as we try them out.  I was really hesitant to buy the diapers, I have always been a “Pampers Snob” after having bad luck with a couple of other brands when the girls were each small.  I figured that for $2.99 if I don’t like them I will leave them in the church nursery.

Have you tried any of the MARTIN’S brands?  Did you like them, or notice a difference?


Tammy said...

Another check your receipts moment -- I cashed in my Ragu coupon today for the freebie -- and was still charged 50 cents for it. That's about six overcharges at the Harbour Point Martins in about six weeks. Martin's has some great deals, but you have to watch it like a hawk.

Ann said...

Tammy - did you give the cashier your Martin's card at the beginning of your transaction and check that you purchased the correct size? I just double checked my receipt and it looks like I actually made $0.49. It shows the Ragu Sauce 45oz for $3.09 underneath that it says Bonusbuy Savings -0.59. Price you pay $2.50. At the bottom of my receipt where it shows the redeemed coupons it says Free Ragu -$2.99.

Anonymous said...

Are there any Martin's "gift card with new or transferred RX' coupons available?

Ann said...

debbielynne - in the mailer that was sent out to Richmond area residents there are 3 different pharmacy gift card offers. The first one began 5/16 and expires 6/12/10 and is for a $25 giftcard with a new or transferred rx. There are also two coupons for a $10 giftcard with any prescription. They have staggered dates one is 6/13-7/10/10 and the other is 7/11 - 8/7/10.

Tammy said...

Ann -- yes, the casher scanned my card but instead of taking off 2.99 for my Ragu, it only took off 2.00, so that I paid .50 cents for it. When I went over to customer service for my refund, they offered me a second free jar since they couldn't really give me the item free as they normally would. This mispricing is an ongoing problem at Harbour Point. I know I'm not making a mistake because CS agrees with me every time I go back.

debbielynne said...

I don't live in Richmond. The Petersburg store is my closest. I will try to email Martin's to see if they can mail me a coupon booklet.

Amy said...

I am soooo excited you are posting Martin's deals. I use Southern Savers for my lists, and they don't have one for Martin's. I plan to pick up one of these coupon books while I am out today. I got some awesome deals at Rite Aid this week and plan to post later today. My blog is Thanks for the tips!

Ann said...

debbielynne - it is my understanding that they mailed the coupon booklets in a mass mailing to all residents within zipcodes surrounding the newly remodeled stores. I would think that Petersburg and Williamsburg residents should have received the booklet as well. Let me know if you hear anything back from them.

Ann said...

Welcome Amy. I hope that you find my site helpful to save time and money while navigating the deals at Martin's.

Amy said...

I picked up some of those coupon booklets today. They were in little stacks at the registers at the VA Center Commons Store. I am already plotting my attack for next week, LOL!