Monday, March 21, 2011

How are you planning on using your $25 coupon?


I was originally planning on using my $25 voucher on groceries so that I could come home and take a picture of a table full of groceries and proudly announce that I bought everything on the table for less than $1.  Then we saw the kid’s patio set in Martin’s one night while we were shopping.  (Actually I didn’t notice it, I had my list, my coupons, and I was on a mission.  The girls saw it and ran to sit down at the little chairs.)  Steve and I talked about it and thought that it would be a neat thing for them to have, especially now that we finally have our patio in the backyard.  So, today I went to Martin’s to get the last few points I needed for my 100 freezer points and I got the $25 voucher.  Unfortunately they had already sold the last set.  I ended up taking my chances and went to another store.  I bought the display, the only ladybug set left.  I did ask if I could get a discount and they told me no, but not having to put it together – priceless!  The set was $29.99 – I redeemed my $25 voucher and then I paid the balance with my $10 gift card that Martin’s sent me last week.  I got something that my girls will enjoy this summer and I didn’t have to pay anything!

How are you planning on using your $25 voucher?  Are you gong to get a table full of groceries for $1, are you planning on buying extra to help out a friend or donate, or are you planning on buying a new umbrella and base for your patio set?  I always enjoy hearing how other people use their “free money” – please feel free to share.


Saving Our Way said...

Such a cute table! Your girls look so happy! priceless! :-)

Their Mommy His Wife said...

That is a precious patio set. I wish their larger patio sets were the same price, lol.
Looks like I'll be using mine to stock up on diapers ~giggle~ We just found out #3 is on the way!

Judi B said...

The girls obviously approve of your decision!

Praznow said...

Thing is I need a patio LOL.

Ann said...

Congrats on baby #3 Their Mommy! It is never to early to stock-up on diapers and wipes. ;)

The girls have enjoyed their patio set several times since we bought it - and the bonus for me is that if we eat outside I don't have to clean-up as many crumbs in the ktichen.