Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My MARTIN'S match-ups are coming

I have had a crazy week. Michael had some minor out-patient surgery Monday morning and my mom came up to help me take care of him and the girls. I also pulled a muscle in my upper back/neck that has made me very uncomfortable. I just got back in town after meeting my dad about half-way for my mom to go home and I have church this evening. I am planning on finishing and posting my match-ups after I get home. Thanks for understanding.



Praznow said...

I pray all is well and both of you will recover speedly. Thank God you have your mother there for support and to help you. Don't feel bad I just up my Martin weekly matchups yesterday afternoon. Some weeks it's hard for me too with my blog. God Bless

Ann said...

Thanks - Michael is doing well. My ailment is proabably a result of him not wanting me to put him down and having him on my hip for a large chucnk of the day. It is always nice to have an extra set of hands help me with the kids and they love it when Nana is here. You are right some weeks are easier than others with blogging and deal match-ups. :)