Friday, March 18, 2011

More MARTIN’S Frozen Food Deals

I want to pass on some info that readers have graciously shared about the spend $100 on frozen foods and get a coupon for $25 off your next order.  Thanks for sharing!

I am loving these frozen food deals!  I am almost to the point where I need to do a cost analysis to convince Steve to buy me another freezer – maybe an upright deep freeze to replace the chest freezer?  :)

Praznow shared this last week in the comments section of my weekly deal post (the 50% off Mrs. Paul’s expired, but the rest of the deal is valid through 4/23.)

There is a deal running through 4/23: Buy 1 Mrs Pauls get 1 Steamfresh vegetable free 8-16 oz. Of course get the bigger bag. The 50% sale ends sat but buy 1 fish get 1 vegetable free goes till 4/23. The free vegetables even count towards your points.
Basically Buy 6 fish sticks and 6 16oz. bags of vegetables. Use (2) $1.00/3 Birdseye coupon from 3/6 RP x4/30
Pay and receive 2 OYNO Mrs. Pauls Free Item up to $7.49.
(She is also referring to a Catalina promotion printing a free Mrs. Paul’s when you buy 3 Mrs. Paul’s items.  I am not sure when that promotion ends.)

I ran to two different MARTIN’S Friday night and Saturday and was able to get a total of 15 boxes of Mrs. Paul’s (fried clams and breaded tilapia) in addition to 15 bags of the Bird’s Eye Select Steamfresh (normally $2/bag) for about $17 after the sale and coupons.  I earned 67 freezer points!  Thanks for the tip Praznow!

I also received a comment today from Their Mommy His Wife about this deal.  She used a different coupon and got a great deal:

I went to my WV Martin's last night and there is an unadvertised deal - Buy ANY Mrs.Paul's Frozen Fish and get a FREE Bird's Eye Steamfresh Vegetable. I had a(Feb-All You) Coupon for the same deal, so I was able to get 2 free veggies with the Mrs Paul's item. There is a window clingie on the door of the Mrs Paul's section. I believe this deal will go through mid April.
I paid $4.15 for a small box of fish sticks and two bags of steamfresh veggies!

I also wanted to post what Lissa shared about earning and additional catalina and receiving your $25 coupon after you hit 100 freezer points.

…you get a .50 OYNO cat when you buy 3 Dole frozen fruits.  I saw a sign today at a different Martins that actually advertised the cat.  (She also shared that she bought 12 bags but only received 3 $0.50 off your next order catalinas so there must be limit per transaction.)

I reached my $100 total today, and the cash register beeped to alert the cashier that she had to scan a card so the register would print my coupon. We didn't know this at the time, so mine didn't print, but that's what the manager told me later. She said the register would beep again next time I was in and I could just print it then. She also confirmed that you can earn more than one $25 bonus.

Do you have any other shopping deals or helpful tips to share.  Please feel free to leave a comment!


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Praznow said...

Mrs. Pauls is still 50% off till saturday but remember it is not giving the free cat for every three you buy anymore just free birds eye with each purchase.