Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Shopping for the week


Yep – that is right you are looking at all of the groceries that I bought this week.  The beauty of having a stockpile is that if it is an “off” sales week or you just have a busy week and can’t get to the store you don’t have to.  I primarily ran to the store tonight to get the Bambi DVD/Blu-Ray (I am holding it until Easter to give to my girls) and the fruit.  I scanned my BONUSCARD and got a coupon for $1 off any $10 meat purchase.  I have a freezer full of ground beef, several roasts, barbeque pork,  a whole chicken, and lots of boneless skinless chicken breast.  I wasn’t planning on buying any meat this week.  I walked through the meat department and spotted these nice beef tenderloin steaks marked down from $13.43 to $10.75 with a sell-by date of Tuesday.  That is quite a splurge for my grocery budget, but I knew Steve would enjoy them and I was able to use the $1 off $10 coupon towards so they were less than $10.  I know we can’t get even one steak dinner at a restaurant for less than $10.  I picked up the Kedem sparkling juice after a tip I got from a friend from church.  She found them on sale for $1.99 each and they have a tag attached for a $1.50 mail in rebate.  You can submit up to 6 rebates per household.  These are kosher for Passover and I found them on an end-cap with a display of Passover foods. 

So here is the breakdown:

  • (2) Kedem Juice
  • Bambi DVD/Blu-Ray
  • 2.93lb. Bananas
  • (2) 16oz. Strawberries
  • 0.84lb. Beef Tenderloin Steaks

Shelf Total (before sales, coupons, and tax): $52.96

Final Total (after sales, coupons, bag credits, and before tax): $29.32

Total Savings: $23.64 (44%)

I saved $20.91 with my MARTIN’S BONUSCARD and I saved $2.68 by purchasing the steaks on manager’s special.  I didn’t use any manufacturer coupons.  I also saved $0.05 by bringing my own bag to MARTIN’S.  I will get $3 back when I submit the rebate for the juice.

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Brenda said...

A good reason to be sure to get the Martin's circular from today's NEWSPAPER and NOT in the store: at least in my area, there is a coupon at the top of the front page that awards you 500 gas points for a $50 purchase!

I stopped in Martin's this afternoon and got $76.25 worth of food for only $56.53 plus got a $4 off OYNO Catalina (for buying 4 cartons of Edy's ice cream).

Also, for purchasing 5 packages of Morningstar Farms products (there are other qualifying items as well) I got a free carton of eggs and a free package of English muffins. They were supposed to be Giant brand, but my store was out and so they substituted with THOMAS'!

My purchase included 6 12pk boxes of Hunt's pudding, earning me an additional 200 gas points (my kids are thrilled!), making my total gas points for this purchase 700, which on our 30 gallon gas tank is worth $21.

All in all, a good trip! :)