Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MARTIN’S–Spend $25 and Save $10 off your next order


I mentioned this deal in my weekly top deals post.  It is the deal that is definitely getting me to the store this week.  I have been cleaning out my freezer for the last 2 weeks (read we have been eating previously frozen meats or meals and lots of frozen veggies) to have room for the purchase $100 worth of frozen food and earn a $25 off your next order coupon. I was super excited when I read about this deal last week in several coupon forums and crossed my fingers that Richmond would also get the promotion.  I have read on-line (in coupon forums) that this deal does work toward the spend $100 deal.  If you have not accumulated any frozen food points this is the week to do so and you can save BIG – even without coupons!


I realize that it may be hard to read, so I am going to list the items included in the sale and any coupons that are available.

  • Stouffer’s Red Box (Classic Recipes, Corner Bistro, Pot Pies, French Bread Pizza or Sides) – $2
    • $1/2 Stouffer’s Entrees from 2/6 RedPlum insert
    • $1/1 Farmer’s Harvest entrée from 3/13 SmartSource insert (I read on-line they are included in the sale, but haven’t verified it myself.)
  • Freschetta Pizza (Naturally Rising Crust, Flatbread, Brick Oven or California Style) – $5
  • Red Baron Pan Pizza or Pasta – $5
    • $1/1 from 1/23 SmartSource insert
  • Klondike Ice Cream Bars, Sandwiches, or Slim-a-Bear – $3
  • Aunt Jemima French Toast, Sticks, or Pancakes – $2
    • “like” Aunt Jemima on facebook for a $1/2 coupon
  • Dove Ice Cream Bars or Miniatures – $3.29
  • Twix Ice Cream Bars – $3.29
  • M&M’s Ice Cream Cones or Cookie Sandwich – $3.29
  • Snicker’s Ice Cream Bar or Cones – $3.29
  • McCain Potato Smiles, French Fries, Baby Cakes, Wedges, Roasters, or Sweet Potato Fries – $2.50
  • Ittibitz Cups – $1
  • New York Texas Garlic Toast – $2
  • Breyers All Natural Ice Cream – $2.50
  • Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets (Subs, Calzones, Sideshots, or Breakfast Sandwiches) – $2
  • Birds Eye Voila! – $3
  • Wanchai Ferry Frozen Entrée – $5.99
  • Romano’s Macaroni Grill Frozen Entrée – $5.99
  • Ellio’s Pizza – $2.50
  • Dole Frozen Fruit (Strawberries, Dark Sweet Cherries, Mixed Fruit, or Tropical Fruit Blend) – $2.79
    • $0.75/1 from 3/6 RedPlum insert
  • Mrs. T’s Pierogies – $2
    • $1/1 3/6 RedPlum insert
    • $1/1 1/30 RedPlum insert
    • $1/1 March 2011 issue of All You Magazine
  • Smucker’s Snack ‘n Waffles – $2

If you don’t have any freezer points you can follow all 4 of the scenarios listed spend a total of $42.03 (before tax) and leave with catalina coupons worth $35 towards a future order.  (You need to get the $25 based on the sale prices, not after coupons.)

Deal Scenario #1:

  • Buy (3) Dole Frozen Fruit = $8.37
    • Use (3) $0.75/1 coupons = (-$2.50)
  • Buy (2) New York Garlic Toast = $4
    • Use (1) $0.40/1 & (1) $0.50/1 coupon = (-$1.80)
  • Buy (2) McCain Sweet Potato Fries = $5
  • Buy (4) Aunt Jemima French Toast/Pancakes = $8
    • Use (2) $1/2 coupons = (-$2)

Price before coupons = $25.37

Price after coupons = $19.07 and earn a coupon for $10 off your next order

Earn 25 Freezer Points

Deal Scenario #2:

  • Buy (8) Stouffer’s Red Box = $16
    • Use (4) $1/2 coupons = (-$4)
  • Buy (2) Freschetta Pizzas = $10
    • Use (2) $1/1 coupons = (-$2)
  • Redeem the $10 off your next order from purchasing scenario #1

Price before coupons = $26

Price after coupons = $10 and earn another coupon for $10 off your next order

Earn 26 Freezer Points + Previous Balance (25) = 51 Freezer Points

Deal Scenarion #3:

  • Buy (12) boxes of Mrs. T’s Pierogies = $24
    • Use (12) $1/1 coupons = (-$12)
  • Buy (1) Ittibitz Cups = $1
  • Redeem the $10 off your next order from purchasing scenario #2

Price before coupons = $25

Price after coupons = $3 and earn another coupon for $10 off your next order

Earn 25 Freezer Points + Previous Balance (51) = 76 Freezer Points

Deal Scenario #4:

  • Buy (4) Green Giant Wanchai Ferry Entrees = $23.96
    • Use (4) $1.50/1 coupons = (-$6)
  • Buy (1) Smucker’s Snack ‘n Waffles = $2
  • Redeem the $10 off your next order from purchasing scenario #3

Price before coupons = $25.96

Price after coupons = $9.96 and earn another coupon for $10 off your next order

Earn 25 Freezer Points + Previous Balance (76) = 101 = Earn a coupon for $25 off your next order!!

Don’t forget that you can use the last $10 off your next order and the $25 off your next order on your weekly grocery shopping for the week and get your milk, bread, meat, and produce for almost free!

Feel free to share any scenarios or deals that you found.

Happy Shopping!



Their Mommy His Wife said...

Hi, Ann!
Thanks again for all of the awesome matchups!
I've read some of the Giant PA blogs (which are nearly identical to Martin's sales) that there will be another "double dip" opportunity week next with a different selection of items for the $10/$25 and still collect towards your overall $25 catalina!
It also looks as though the points may keep rolling so you may not be limited to only one $25 catalina. (You keep earning points on additional frozen foods after the cat prints.)
I may need to buy another freezer if they keep this up, lol.

Lissa said...

I started on this deal last night and got an extra .50 oyno cat for every 4 Dole frozen fruits I bought!

Anonymous said...

Where are your freezer points displayed? On the bottom of the receipt? I've shopped several times this month and I just wonder if anything previously purchased will count towards this deal.

Also, will the $25 off just print at the register, or is it something the cashier will give you?


Lissa said...

I think I was off a little in my previous post~ you get a .50 OYNO cat when you buy 3 Dole frozen fruits, not 4. I bought 12 last night and got 3, so I assumed that it was 1/4~ but I saw a sign today at a different Martins that actually advertised the cat as 1/3. There must be a limit, though, since I only got 3/12.

Ann said...

Thanks for the tip Their Mommy! I just saw a thread about it on Hot Coupon World. It looks like the deal is buy save $5 instantly wyb 6 participating items. The least expensive item listed are Hanover frozen veggies at $1.67 a bag, the most expensive are Bertolli Complete Dinner for Two and Marie callendar's Fruit Pie at $5.99. Here is a link to the post.

Ann said...

Thanks for the tip Lissa! It is almost like they are paying us to take groceries home! :)

Ann said...

Anonymous - yes it shows your freezer points at the bottom of your receipt. It actually shows how many you earned and your new balance. You can also check them on-line by logging into your personal page from the MARTIN'S website, click on "Rewards & Current Promotions" that will take you to a page that displays your Frozen Club points and your fuelperks! (if you are in Richmond I don't know what they call them outside of Richmond).

I haven't earned my $25 coupon yet, so I am not exactly sure how or when it prints. I have read that some people said to tell the cashier if you are close to your 100 points because they have to scan a card. I thought it sounded like a Catalina that would automatically print. If your receipt shows that you just hit 100 points and you didn't get your $25 Catalina I would go to the Service Center and show them your receipt BEFORE you leave the store and have them correct it for you with either a voucher or a giftcard.

Has anyone hit the 100 points and received the $25 Catalina? Did you have any problems?

Lissa said...

I reached my $100 total today, and the cash register beeped to alert the cashier that she had to scan a card so the register would print my coupon. We didn't know this at the time, so mine didn't print, but that's what the manager told me later. She said the register would beep again next time I was in and I could just print it then. She also confirmed that you can earn more than one $25 bonus. This was at the John Rolfe store.

Ann said...

Thanks for the info Lissa. It is also good to know that if you have the freezer space that you can do a second spend $100 in frozen foods get $25 off your next purchase. I don't think I have room unless I find a great deal on another deep freeze - or take it to an alternate location. :)

Their Mommy His Wife said...

Hi Ann! Me again!
I went to my WV Martin's last night and there is an unadvertised deal - Buy ANY Mrs.Paul's Frozen Fish and get a FREE Bird's Eye Steamfresh Vegetable. I had a(Feb-All You) Coupon for the same deal, so I was able to get 2 free veggies with the Mrs Paul's item. There is a window clingie on the door of the Mrs Paul's section. I believe this deal will go through mid April.
I paid $4.15 for a small box of fish sticks and two bags of steamfresh veggies!

Ann said...

Thanks again for a great tip Their Mommy! There is actually another side to that deal - I saw it advertised in one store, but not in another after praznow shared it on my post last week. If you buy 3 Mrs. Paul's items you get a catalina for a free Mrs. Paul's items. So you get 3 Mrs. Paul's and 3 birdseye vegetables (I think up to 16oz) plus a catalina for a free Mrs. Paul's. Have you started looking for that second freezer yet? :)