Monday, February 22, 2010

Rebate Checks

I had several rebate checks arrive in the mail last week.  I will be the first to agree that rebates are frustrating, you have to read the fine print, make sure you get the necessary info together, make copies of everything, find an envelope, a stamp, and remember to drop it in the mail before it expires.  I sometimes run into the frustration of having items for different rebates on the same receipt.  Some rebates are easier to submit than others – you just have to send your receipt and write down your UPC code on a form.  I have had some rebates that want the actual UPC code from the box, the receipt, and the form.  When it is all said and done, it really isn’t that much work, it is just finding the time to get organized and make sure you have all of your materials together.  So, how did I do?
  • I received a $20 check from Kraft foods.  To qualify I had to purchase 10 packages of Nabisco cookies or crackers, 5 Capri-Sun boxes (or Kool-Aid Jammers), and 5 cups of Kraft Easy Mac.  I looked over my receipts that I submitted and I figured I spent about $26 for the 20 items that I purchased.  So – I ended up getting all of that for only $6 after I got my rebate.  (I think there is a similar rebate offer through June 2010 – but I can’t locate it right now.  When I find it I will pass it on.)
  • I got two $5 rebates from SC Johnson.  I submitted a total of three so I don’t know if the third one is lost somewhere.  This rebate is available for a while so if I don’t get my third check in a few weeks I have more items I can submit for the rebate.  I talked about buying several Glade candles with a Target deal this past fall in this post.  I only had to submit 3 UPC codes and a receipt from all of the candles that I purchased. (I had purchased them in separate transactions so I would have receipts for each rebate request.) I bought ten candles and candle holders for $5 and I actually got two $5 gift cards (for buying 5 in each transaction).  I already had made $5 on the transaction so the additional $10 in rebates means I got $15 for buying candles! 
  • I also got a $15 check from Olay.  I purchased two Olay Regenerist Cleansers at Walgreens for $4.29 each (after coupons).  I submitted the rebate and and got a check for $15.  I ended up making $6.42 for buying cleanser!
I am working on submitting two rebates right now –
  • Receive a check (up to $11.99) for a Schick Quattro Titanium Razor or Schick Quattro Titanium Trimmer – you will get reimbursed your purchase price.  The form for the rebate is in the 2/7 Smart Source insert.  The rebate must be postmarked by March 7, 2010 for purchases from February 7 – March 7, 2010.
  • The other rebate is another $15 rebate from Olay.  This rebate must be submitted by March 12, 2010 for purchases from February 12 – March 12, 2010.  I was able to make this a really good deal by combining sales and coupons.  Walgreens has a $4 Register Reward (RR) when you purchase a Venus Embrace Razor for the month of February.  The razor is $8.99.  You can combine a $2 off coupon form the 2/7 Proctor & Gamble insert.  There is also a coupon in the 2/7 P&G insert for a free Olay body wash when you buy a Venus Embrace System.  The bottom line is I paid out of pocket ~$7 for a razor (with 2 cartridges) and a 10oz bottle of Olay body wash.  I left with a $4 RR (to use on another transaction) and a receipt showing the purchase price of the body wash that I can submit.  I repeated this transaction two more times.  I ended up spending ~$21, earned $12RR, and can submit for a $15 rebate.  That makes it ~ a $6 profit for purchasing razors and body wash. 
Do you like rebates?  Do you have success with rebates?  Do you have tips of current rebates you want to share?

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