Sunday, February 21, 2010

What to expect this week at Ukrop’s

I got a copy of this week’s ad yesterday before I left work.  (I had a long day working 9-7.)  I didn’t get a chance to take a good look at the ad until today.  On the first page of the ad is what is being called a $1 coupon doubler.  I was really excited when I saw this – of course though there is lots of fine print.  According to the coupon doubler (which there are 4 on the front page of the ad) if you present it with a manufacturer coupon for $1 they will double the manufacturer’s coupon. 
The fine print goes on to say:
  • they will only accept coupons clipped from magazines and newspapers.  (I don’t know if they will accept internet printables.) 
  • they will not double coupons that say do not double.  (I have discovered that on Wednesdays coupons that say do not double but have a barcode that begins with a “5” will double.  If they begin with a “9” it won’t double. )
  • the total coupon doubler may not exceed the retail price marked on the item.  If it does, you get the item for free. (In other words no overages.)
  • Valid February 22-27, 2010 at all Ukrop’s locations with a purchase of $15 or more.  (I assume after sales and coupons)
  • Other restrictions apply, see store for details.  (I plan on going to the store tomorrow to figure out the restrictions – such as how many doublers you can use a day and during the week.)
I will try to post the details Monday afternoon about the doubler along with some ideas for some free or inexpensive items.

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