Monday, February 22, 2010

Ukrop’s $1 Coupon Doubler


I went to Ukrop’s today to try to find out more info about the “other restrictions apply, see store for details” fine print on the $1 coupon doubler on the front page of this week’s ad.  This is what I found out along with some FREE items and other potential really good deals.

  • You can only use one $1 coupon doubler with one manufacturer coupon for a face value of $1.
  • You can only use a total of 4 coupon doublers per household (which is determined by your UVC card info) during this week’s promotion.
  • I was not able to confirm if internet printables are accepted – based on the fact that they just scan the coupon doubler coupon from the insert I think that if your internet printable scans it should work.
  • I did not get a definite answer, nor did I test it, but I think that the $15 purchase is before coupons – but not before store sales or promotions.  In other words if your subtotal (before tax) is above $15 before you hand the cashier your coupons you should be ok.  Again no one confirmed this information so I could be wrong, but that is how promotions have worked in the past.

I did get 2 free items tonight actually using coupons from the inserts in the 2/21 Sunday paper. 

I looked at some other blogs discussing super doubles at Harris Teeter this week and got some ideas from them as to what items to look for to combine with my $1 coupons.  I am giving you some ideas, I am sure there are lots more possibilities – and feel free to share them if you come across them.  I will try to update the list throughout the week as I find more deals or as they get sent to me so keep checking back.  One other note – because I wanted to get the info posted about the $1 coupon doubler I am still working on the match-ups for this weeks ad for double coupon Wednesday.  I have the $1 coupons together but I still need to double check the expiration dates and face value of the coupons under $1.


Price Coupon Source Coupon Amount $1 Doubler Final Price
Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain Rice $1.99 2/21 RP $1 $1 FREE
Hall’s Drops $0.99 2/21 SS $1/2 $1 buy 2 = FREE
Selected Old Spice Deodorant $1.19 2/21 PG $1/2 $1 buy 2 = $0.38
Bumble Tuna Pouches 0.99-1.99 2/21 SS $1/2 $1 buy 2 = FREE - $1.99
Reynold’s Slow Cooker Liners $2.59 1/31 SS $1 $1 $0.59
YoPlus Yogurt (4 ct) $2.59 2/7 SS $1 $1 $0.59
Wishbone Salad Spritzer $2.50 1/31 RP $1 $1 $0.50
Turkey Hill Ice Cream $2.50 11/8 RP $1 $1 $0.50
Hunt’s Canned Tomatoes $0.88 1/24 SS $1/4 $1 buy 4 for $1.52
Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage 2/$6 1/31 RP $1/2 (DND 5)* $1/2 buy 2 for $4
Febreze Air Effects $2.59 2/7 PG $1 $1 $0.59
Keebler Club Crackers* $2.49 1/31 Parade Magazine $1 $1 $0.49
Marie’s Dressings $2.99 1/31 SS $1 $1 $0.99
Ukrop’s All-Natural Boneless Chicken Breast $4.78/lb 12/6 SS $1 $1 varies
Quaker Oatmeal Squares (Maple Flavored)* $2.25 (on closeout) 2/14 RP $1 $1 $0.25
Kashi Strawberry Fields Cereal* $1.99 (on closeout) booklet (found at Kroger near Organic section) $1 $1 FREE


*The Keebler Club Crackers are also a fuelperks!bonus! rewards item – you not only get a great deal you also get an extra $0.05 per gallon added to you fuelperks! account.

*DND 5 = The coupon says do not double and begins with a 5.  Generally coupons that say do not double and have a bar code beginning with the number 5 will still double.  The coupon doubler says in the fine print it cannot be combined with a coupon saying do not double.

*These are tips that came from readers of my blog and were shared on a different post.  I wanted to keep the $1 coupon doubler options together in one post.  Thanks for sharing Scott, Anonymous, & Lissa!

Feel free to pass on any great deals that you find for the $1 coupon doubler or for double coupon Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Youngandfrugalinvirginia.blogspot also had some $1 coupon doubler matchups. The best deal I saw on her blog was Quaker Oatmeal Sqares (cereal) on closeout for $2.24 with $1/1 q from 2/14 RP.

Ann, Did you find a polaner q in your 1/10 SS? I looked about 3x...but the different coupon databases all say 1/10.

Your matchups were great and sooo helpful - THANK YOU! Scott

Ann said...

Scott - I am glad the match-ups are helpful.

I apologize I did not have the Polamer All Fruit Coupon in my RTD 1/10 insert. I thought I had seen it, but I must have been confused. I am sorry for the frustration I caused you of looking for something that didn't exist. I have taken it out my chart.

Thanks for the tip about the other blog - I'll have to check it out. :)

Jennifer said...

What is SS? Your source for the Ukrops all-natural chicken breast coupon? I just started trying to buy better meat for my family which is expensive.

Ann said...

Jennifer -
Here is a key to the abbreviations I use for my coupon match-ups:

SS = Smart Source
RP = Red Plum
PG = Proctor & Gamble
GM = General Mills

All of these are inserts found in the Sunday paper. (You won't find all of them every week though.)

All You is a magazine that is only on sale in Walmart or by subscription. It has lots of coupons in each issue.

The Ukrop's All-Natural Chicken is free of hormones, antibiotics, and is humanely raised. I think it taste better also. :)