Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sneak peak of Ukrop’s ad for the week of March 1-6


I just looked at a copy of this week’s Ukrop’s ad on-line and noticed a few big things.

  • 5/$25 Meat Sale!  - Time to restock the freezer.  I have discovered in the past when they have this promo that if you buy the ground beef on Monday or the Perdue chicken breast on Friday that you are able to get the discount price for that day but apply it to the 5 for $25 items.  (Example – on Friday I can pick up 3 1-lb packages of Perdue chicken breast , and 2 NY Strip Steaks – My total should be about $16 instead of $25.  I will get the chicken for $1.99 a pound and pay $5 each for the NY Strip Steak.)
  • 10/$10 Sale!  - I haven’t had a chance to look really closely at what is included in the sale, but I did notice they have a lot of what I call “lunch box” items on sale.  They also have some items from the Natural & Organic section included.  They may be some good coupon match-ups to go with this sale.  I will have to get those to you later.
  • Choose your savings at Ukrop’s coupon – on the front page of the ad there is a a coupon that allows you to get a certain amount taken off your total order based on how much you spend in your transaction.  This could really come in handy if you decide to restock your freezer this week with the meat sale selections.  (I don’t know if it will work with this promo but some promos if the past have allowed you to use this coupon towards your prescription total if you have a large prescription order.) You can apply this toward your total purchase – including prescriptions.

Here is the fine print from the coupon : Choose Your Savings. $8 off $80 or $5 off $50 or $3 off $30, You choose your savings! With minimum purchase as noted. (minimum spend must be met after all discounts have been subtracted from order and before sales tax has been added to order.) Excludes items prohibited by law.

In other words your final total after sales, coupons, and before tax needs to meet the minimum amount in order to qualify for the savings. I don’t know if their is a limit on how many times the coupon can be used per household. In the last few weeks they have been limiting the promotions to a certain number per household (based on your UVC information). Edit 3/1/10 – I verified tonight that you can use more than one Choose Your Savings coupon during the week.  The key is that you have to have clipped the coupon to use it.  The cashier has to keep the coupon after you use it, so they can’t keep a copy of the coupon to scan for multiple customers.

I have to go get myself and everyone else ready for church.  I will hopefully have more info for you soon!

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