Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ukrop’s unadvertised deals

I was so busy trying to finish all of my match-ups that I completely forgot to mention that when I was in the store last night comparing prices for the $1 coupon doubler that I came across two unadvertised sales. 

The pints of International Delight Coffee Creamer are on sale this week for $1.99.  There is a coupon available here for $0.55 off – if you use it on double coupon Wednesday it will bring the price down to $0.89.   That is less than a cup of coffee from the Dollar Menu at McDonald’s.  :)

I also noticed the big rolls of Viva paper towels are on a multi-week deal (I am not sure of the end date) for $2.57 each.  There was a $0.85 off coupon in the 2/21 SS insert.  If you use the coupon on double coupon Wednesday you can get a big roll of Viva towels for only $0.87.  These are my favorite paper towels – especially for cleaning up all of the messes my girls leave behind.

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