Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life and Death–with my Container Garden

I have been struggling once again with keeping some plants alive while others are thriving.  I never claimed to have a green thumb, and now I know without a doubt that I don’t have one.  Here is a link to my last gardening post so you can see the growth and death that has happened over the last 10 days. 



The butternut squash have really taken off.  I saw one of the first blooms on the plant this week, so I hope we get to enjoy our own butternut squash this fall.  I decided a fungus killed my yellow squash and not bore worm after thinking about what Miriam pointed out to me on my last post.  I did see red squash bug eggs on these leaves, but I am hopeful that we got all of them.


I have lots of little blooms like this on my cucumber plants.  We like cucumbers, hopefully we will be enjoying lots of them this summer.  I may even look into making pickles.


Natalie and Megan are posing with a fresh picked cucumber in front of our cucumber vines.

I lost the zucchini the that were in the bed with the cucumbers.  I was really excited to see the first signs of real zucchini.  I was checking on them Saturday afternoon and barely lifted the leaves back to look underneath and the stem broke.  It was very yellow inside.  I think it was another death by fungus.  I looked closely at the other plants and they had the same problem.  We removed all of them Saturday.



The grape tomato “trees” are overtaking the bed.  They are producing lots of grape tomatoes!


When you pull back the grape tomatoes you can see the banana peppers underneath.  This is the biggest one, but I have several baby ones (like in the picture below) and more blooms.


If you look closely behind the pepper plant you can see a group of green grape tomatoes hanging down.


The non-tomato eater doesn’t know what to do with these tomatoes.  They don’t seem to really be getting larger, but they haven’t started to turn color either.  I bought this plant from the farmer’s market and I am wondering if it was a green tomato plant.  Any tips?


We even have a cherry tomato plant growing in our driveway.  It popped up last year next to where Steve parks his car.  We think the seeds got there from some cherry tomatoes his mom gave the kids.  We think one dropped when they were getting out of the car and the seeds grew into the plant.  We pulled it up in the fall, but it looks like we have another one.


You can see we already have a few cherry tomatoes growing on the plant.  Thank goodness Steve and the kids like tomatoes.

Please keep checking back for my gardening progress (or defeats). I am also linking this post to Frugal Gardening 101 hosted by Connie and Amy. Check out what other gardeners are accomplishing!



Miriam said...

Not to sound boastful, but I consider myself to have a green thumb and some things in my garden are looking AWFUL. I think it's the heat, really. The Fusarium Wilt on my tomatoes is not helping the looks, either, haha! I think the heat is getting to my cucumber plant - it is all wilty (even though it rained Monday!) and the last cuke I pulled off of it was bitter. I'd say your garden is doing fine :) I've never heard of a green tomato plant - is there such a thing? My Amish Paste tomatoes that I got started late I just picked the first ones today, so your plant might just not be there yet.

Ann said...

I think there is such a thing as green tomatoes, not just unripe ones. :) I started to doubt myself so I googled it and I found this link -

I have a sprinkler on a timer that has kept ours watered. If it depended on me right now to water it without a doubt I would have lost everything.

Thanks for the reassurance that it is doing ok. :)

Miranda said...

Well your thumb's a lot greener than mine is :)! Your garden looks quite bountiful to me, what a blessing.