Thursday, July 7, 2011

MARTIN’S–Kellogg’s Cereal Deal



Did you see this on the front page of this week’s ad?


The graphic is hard to read (I copied it from the on-line version of the ad.) Here is the fineprint:

Buy Any 4 Kellogg’s Cereals In One Visit with Your BONUSCARD, excludes Single Serve Cups and Discontinued Items, and get $6 off Your Kellogg’s Cereal Purchase Offer valid 7/3-7/9/11.  Also get $4 off a Gallon of Milk on your next Shopping Order.

Remember – $6 off of 4 boxes translates into save $1.50 off each box!  You can also use manufacturer coupons with this deal.  It really is almost free cereal by the time you factor in the savings you also get from the milk.

I found out last week when there was a similar promotion with General Mills cereal that you can buy multiples of 4 in one transaction and get the $6 off each set of four boxes that you purchase.  I did read on-line that one person had trouble getting the second milk Catalina when she bought 8 boxes of cereal.  I personally like to do these deals in separate transactions in the event that my coupons are less than $1 and will double.  This allows me to maximize the number of coupons that double and minimize my out of pocket cost.  I also like to have separate transactions so that I can make sure that all of the discounts I am expecting come off my transaction. 

Here are some coupons that are available to help you maximize your savings:

Feel free to “brag” and share any scenarios that you were able to work out with this deal.

Happy Shopping!



Jennifer Farley said...

Hi Ann, I just found your blog tonight and I am so happy I did!! I also live in Central Va area and have struggled with finding local bloggers like yourself. I'm VERY new to couponing and desperately need the assistance!! :) I was reading this post and I thought of a couple questions that you could probably help me with. First, when is it a good time to go to the grocery store when making multiple purchases? Do you self check out or do you let people know who come up behind you that you may be awhile??


Ann said...

Hi Jennifer! I am glad that you found my site.

I live on the West End and shop at several of the stores in that area. I have gone different times to make mulitple purchases. I have tried 7:30AM, middle of the day, and after dinner. I generally do ok with any of these. I think that most stores close their self check-out registers around 10PM.

I will use the self check-out if I have about 5 items or less per transaction. I have a system where I sort my coupons by transaction and place them on top of the self-check out. I then sort my items by transaction and scan them in that order.

I have also bought my non-perishables that need separate transactions (like the 10 rolls of toilet paper & wipes I bought last week) in individual self check-out transactions and then take them to the car and go back in the store to get the rest of my groceries.

I think the rule of thumb is how busy the store actually is. If the store only has one lane open and I need to make two large transactions I will buy the first order, ask them to hold my groceries and get back in line again with my second order. If the store has multiple lanes open I will separate my items on the belt with the bar and place back to back orders on the check-out belt. I will then mention to someone who gets in line behind me that I may take a while to check out because of my seperate orders and coupons.

If there is only one lane open and I have a cart full of groceries and see you behind me with a few, I will generally ask you to go ahead of me.

I hope that helps.

Jennifer said...

That does help, Thank You!! I live closest to VCC so I have the Target and Martins right there. I've only just started getting inserts out of the paper so I probably won't be able to save quite as much as most. Plus it's taking me awhile to learn all the tricks. I'll get there... hopefully. :) Thanks again!!

Jennifer said...

Hi Ann,

I have another question. I have been making up my shopping list, checking the papers for the best deals, and gathering coupons that I have or can print. With that being said, I don't feel like my savings are going to be very much. :( One thing I know I'm not taking into account is the catalina coupons that will come off. Where do you find out what catalinas will print??? That would help me out drastically!!


Ann said...

There is a newer site that has printable coupons and will list the Catalina deals. They are usually listed like save $x off a future order when you buy product xyz. You should register with that site because you can pick the stores you shop and it will list the Catalina deals for those stores. I believe I am registered for Martin's, Kroger, and Walgreens.

One other reason why you may feel like your savings are not dramatic could be based on the way you are shopping. I wrote a series last fall about how I determine a good deal and I talk about how I shop with coupons differently by establishing a stockpile and shopping according to sales cycles. Here is a link to the third post, and you can click on the links in it to get to the first and second.

I hope that answers your question. Feel free to let me know if you have any others. I am always happy to help explain the crazy world of couponing. :)