Saturday, July 2, 2011

Update on my Summer Project–A Container Garden

Here is a link to my post last Saturday if you want to see the improvement and failure that has happened over the past week. 

This week was a big week for our little garden – we were able to pick lots of grape tomatoes and our first squash.  We also have our first few cucumbers beginning to grow.  The zucchini are starting to look a little better, but I still haven’t seen the the tiniest of zucchini starting to grow.  I am going to continue to watch them – and not give up. 

I wanted to start off with a picture that my baby sitter, Sarah, took of Natalie & Michael checking out the garden this past week.  Megan was still taking a nap when we walked out to pick out a few tomatoes. 


Michael is 10 months old.  Natalie just turned 5&1/2 this week – and lost her first tooth!

Now onto my plants’  progress:


My pepper plants – they look like they are just getting taller.


The grape tomatoes are doing really well.  We picked about 20 off of the two plants this week.  The tomato plant is starting to bloom, so hopefully we will have some tomatoes from that in a few weeks.


The strawberry bushes have been producing what appear to be sweet juicy strawberries.  We haven’t been able to enjoy them, critters are eating them for us.


My squash are doing great.  I think the spray that I used last week has really helped.  I picked two squash this morning, and I see a few small ones that should be ready next week.


The squash I picked this morning, I can’t wait to cook them for dinner tonight!


The zucchini and cucumber bed.  The zucchini seem to be doing better this week after I sprayed them last week.  I still haven’t seen any signs of baby zucchini.  I did find a few baby cucumbers growing on a few of the vines.



One of my baby cucumbers (the width of the frame is only 2 inches, so it really is small)


The pot that isn’t doing well.  The cucumber plant is the only thing still alive in the pot.  The squash and the zucchini have both died.  I don’t think they “play well with each other”  I probably should have planted them separately. 


Please keep checking back for my gardening progress (or defeat).  I am also linking this post to Frugal Gardening 101 series hosted by Phoebe, Connie and Amy.   Check out what other gardeners are accomplishing!


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