Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Weekly Shopping–I saved $164.47 or 59%



(Not pictured 4 fridge packs of Diet Coke with Lime)

I purchased all of this in one trip to the store, but in about 14 different transactions.  I try to do the small transactions at the self-checkout so that I don’t hold up people in line behind me.  I like to do separate transactions for a few reasons.

  • I can double more coupons if I divide up my multiple items into separate transactions.  That means I save more and spend less.
  • I like to make sure that certain promotions are coming off like they should.  I did 5 transactions for just the General Mills cereals (combined with other items).  I wanted to make sure my $6 came off and I got the milk Catalina each time.  I also do this for fuelperks! deals.
  • I was able to use two of the $0.30/gallon coupons that came with this week’s ad in the Sunday paper.  I made sure I had $50 before coupons and then did a separate transaction with the rest of my groceries that were over $50 before coupons. 

Here are the highlights of my shopping trip:  (if you are looking for coupon match-ups check-out this post)

  • (8) Zone Bars – $0.25 each ($0.55/1 coupon from 5/22 SmartSource)
  • (10) Rolls of Scott Toilet Paper & (10) Packs of Scott Naturals Wipes – a $3 money maker ($0.30 on each transaction) after I used the $0.50/1 coupon on the wipes found in the 5/22 and 6/19 SmartSource inserts and earned a $2 Catalina with each purchase.
  • (20) Boxes of General Mills Cereals for $15.72 (that is $0.79 each!).
  • I also earned (5) Catalina’s for a free gallon of milk with the purchase of each 4 boxes of cereal.  The milk Catalina automatically takes off $4.50 regardless of the price of your milk!
    • Six of the boxes of Cheerios had a coupon on the back for $1.50 off Pampers.  That is another $9 I can save on future transactions!
  • Stonyfield Farm Organic Milk was free thanks to one of my free milk Catalina’s.  Yes - you can use your milk Catalina on organic half-gallons!
  • I found a Fred Flintstone sized Ribeye Steak (really 1.45lb) marked down 50% off to $7.24 – it is more than enough for us to cut it in half and each have half. 
  • I found a 1.03lb package of 92% Ground Beef marked down 50% to $2.26.
  • (4) jars of Baby Food for $0.21.  I had a coupon for $0.75/1 (it said Do Not Double) and I earned a $1 from buying the two boxes of Baby Cereal (which of course I also had a coupon for.)


Shelf Total (before markdowns, sales, coupons, or tax): $278.83

Final Total (after markdowns, sales, coupons, before tax): $114.36

Total Savings: $164.47 (59%)

I also “earned” and haven’t redeemed $12 in Catalina’s from the Scott deal and $18 in free milk vouchers.

How did you do this week?  Did you find any great deals or markdown items?  Please feel free to share!



Holly @SurvivingOnAShoestring said...

What is the scott's scenario? What sizes, coupons did you use? please?

Miriam said...

Martin's lets you scan your own coupons at the self checkout, right? At Kroger the attendant has to come scan them with a handheld thing, which makes it alot of work. You got some great deals!!

Ann said...

I am so sorry Holly, I forgot to write the post about how the deal works. Here is the post I just wrote.

Ann said...

Miriam - yes, you do get to scan your own coupons at the self chcekout. I have a system worked out for when I am doing multiple back to back transactions.

I put all of my items on the shelf next to the self checkout. I then put my bonuscard and coupons on the top of the self checkout kiosk. I pick up the items that I want to scan for that transaction. I scan my bonuscard, scan the items, scan my coupons, and pay. I then put them all in one bag with the receipt that I put by my feet so that I don't end up with multiple bags and I have all of my coupons there to grab and scan. I know I get crazy looks, but it keeps me straight and it is very obvious what I am doing so that it doesn't look like I am trying to steal anything.

WWadeII said...

Great Haul. I was going to go shopping today but didn't get a chance. It looks like there is going to be a milk deal with Kelloggs next week so I'm going to try that one.

I use the easyScan at my Martin's and pretty much do one transaction. They let me scan my coupons until the slot won't recognize them and they will just scan the rest for me. I watch the screen to make sure they are all doubling since my location doubles everything under $1.00 even coupons that say DND.

Ann said...

The rule of thumb is that if it ays Do Not Double and the barcode begins with a "5" it will double. If the barcode starts with a "9" it won't.

Michael, my 10 month old, goes through a box of Cheerios about every 7-10 days, so I couldn't pass up Cheerios with a diaper coupon attached. :)