Friday, July 22, 2011

Viva Single Roll Towels Catalina

I saw a Catalina deal on about Viva Single Roll Paper Towels.  I decided to try it out today and it worked!


Here is a close-up of the Catalina:


(It has a piece of tape on the front -I either got the beginning of the roll or the end of the roll.)

Here are the details for the deal (according to the Catalina) :

Buy Viva Single Roll Paper Towels Between 7/15 & 8/7/11 :

Buy (2) & Get $1 off your next order

Buy (3) & Get $1.50 off your next order

Buy (4) & Get $2.50 off your next order

Coupon printed at register (Remember Catalinas don’t print until the end of your transaction – after you have paid and your receipt is printing.)

All items must be purchased in one shopping order.  Limit to product in stock.  No Cash Back.

The Viva Single Roll Towels are on sale thru 7/30 for $1.89 each and there were $0.85/1 coupons in the 7/17 SmartSource insert.

Deal Scenario:

Buy (4) Viva Single Roll Towels = $7.56

Redeem (4) $0.85/1 coupons = (-$3.55) remember only one coupon will “double” to $1

Pay the cashier $4.01 (+ tax)

Earn a Catalina for $2.50 off your next order

Final Price = $1.51 or $0.38 each

If you still have any $2.50 Catalinas from the Budweiser Barbecue Sauce deal last week this is a great way to pay even less out of pocket and “roll” your Catalina. 

Happy Shopping!



Stacey Davis said...

Hi Ann - Just a quick you follow the buy a paper for each family member policy. Trying to decided if I should (we're a family of seven so it's a lot out-of-pocket each Sunday). Thank you!

Ann said...

Hi Stacey -

I don't follow the buy a paper for each family member rule. I get one paper delivered to our home on Sunday mornings. I pick it up out of the drive way on our way to church. I don't allow myself to look at it until after church. (I used to look at it before church, but I would find myself thinking about weekly deals and coupons and it affected my ability to truly worship.)

I look through the coupon inserts to see what is in there and the values. I buy additional papers based on the products that have coupons and the face value. I have bought as many as ten papers (at multiple locations) or as few as two.

The rule of thumb I have is that if there are coupons that I know I will use before they expire and I can justify the savings against the cost of the papers I will buy extras. For example if there is at least $8 worth of coupons I know I will use in one insert I will easily go buy an additional 4 papers.

If you are still just getting started with couponing I would say 3-4 Sunday papers is a good start. If your budget doesn't allow for an extra $6 or $8 a week for newspapers ask around from neighbors, family, or co-workers for their extra inserts. I feel like it is always important to stay within your means when you are buying anything - even an extra $2 Sunday paper.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann! I'm new to your blog. Thanks for posting the Martin deals. Do you know any other blogs that do? (I like to have a couple blogs for each store if I can). Also, in this scenario where are the 85 cents coupons from? Thanks so much!

Stacey Davis said...

Thanks, Ann! I appreciate all your help! Stacey.

Ann said...

Welcome Hollie!

There aren't a lot of MARTIN's bloggers - but your best bet is to do a search for Giant PA (not Giant Eagle) they are the sister store to MARTIN'S to find another blog or two.

The $0.85/1 coupon was in the 7/17 SmartSource insert of the Richmond paper. Different areas may receive different values.

Anonymous said...

Ann- Thank you for the info! :)

Amara said...

I've got my mom and mother-in-law setting aside coupons for me so I don't have to buy the paper. Might be another option if you know people who receive the Sunday paper but just recycle their coupons...?

Amara said...

Sorry, Ann, I see you had the same suggestion :)

Ann said...

No problem Amara - great minds think alike. ;)