Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I found by my backdoor…

I came home this morning from taking the kids to the park for a little bit and discovered this basket in the shade near my backdoor -


A dear friend of ours was on her way back from Georgia on Monday and called me to see if I wanted any peaches.  She graciously picked me up a half bushel.  I am so sorry you can’t scratch and sniff your computer screen because they smell delicious!

I saw the basket when we pulled up and got the kids in the house and walked back out to get them.  I saw a chipmunk scurrying away from the basket when I turned the corner and then I saw this peach near the top-


I didn’t see a bite mark, but he definitely left his mark.  I don’t think we are going to eat that one.

I also had another back door delivery today. 


I got my latest produce box delivery from Dominion Harvest today.  It is like Christmas when I get to open up my box and see what treasures they have packed inside.  This week’s box included cantaloupe, Hanover tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, onions, cucumbers, yellow squash, okra, green peppers, and 1lb of blueberries.  I was most excited about the yellow squash since my plants died.

I have signed up for the smallest package, the Commonwealth Box.  It is $37 per box. I also signed up for the every two week delivery option.  The produce varies by what is in season, but it is from local farms.  They even attach a sheet to the box listing what is inside and what farm what produce came from.  I really enjoy the fact that on Thursdays they send out recipes that utilize the produce in that week’s box.  I didn’t get to try any out last time, but I always enjoy reading new recipes.

This is my second box and I love the fact that I don’t have to go to the store or remember what day and time the local farmer’s market is open to get fresh local produce.  I think I am coming out ahead in the cost of the box and what the produce would cost in the store.  I figured that in the store I would have paid at least $40 – and that would require me going to at least two stores to get the best price on everything.  I also save money by not having to go to the store in gas and last minute purchases. 

Do you belong to a co-op or a delivery service like Dominion Harvest?  Do you go to the local farmer’s market once or twice a week?  Do you have an overflowing garden that you get to enjoy (and share)?  Please feel free to share.



Saving Our Way said...

um - wow - look at the size of those onions!

I've got our CSA pickup today. We do a veggie share with Frog Bottom Farm out of Appomattox that has RVA pickups on Wednesday & are in for one of the Farmer's Market's on Saturdays.

Jealous of the Georgia Peaches!


Ann said...

I looked into a few CSAs but was nervous about the commitment.

There are two things I like about Dominion Harvest. One is that I don't have to go anywhere at a specific time. I just have to remember to leave a box at the back door. The other thing is that I only pay for what I get. If we are on vacation during a delivery week I can just cancel that week's delivery.

I love going to the farmer's market to see what they have, but we are usually busy on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings when the one near us is open.

Carrie said...

We use Since we started using that service our grocery bill has gone way down. The prices are a little less or comparable to what I could get if I went to several stores, but the biggest savings for me is staying out of the stores!

Ann said...

Carrie - Angel Food Ministries is a great organization. I have read about it on other blogs. I looked into it for us, but the closest pick-up spot was about 30 minutes away for us. I couldn't justify driving that far for the savings. Thanks for sharing!

WWadeII said...

I miss my GA Peaches. I told my fiance about them and she was skeptical thinking the peaches we got from Delaware had to be just as good. Had a family member bring some up one year and she ate all of them in no time. She had to concede that they were better.

Ann said...

There isn't anything like a good Georgia peach. I actually peeled and cut up most of them. I ended up with 24 cups and froze them into 2 cups portions with Fruit Fresh to use throughout the year for baking and smoothies. We canned peaches last year, but I just don't like canned peaches.